WWII History

World War 2 Flight Simulators are only as good as their parent company. To make a good flight sim it takes excellent attention to detail, great technical knowledge, but also a love of the subject matter.

Aces High, the one and only product made by HiTech Creations, has been the leader of the combat flight simulator pack for almost a decade now and the secret ingredient used in making Aces High is a love of all things related to World War 2.

With that in mind we bring you another snapshot of a major battle in World War II; today we look at the Battle of the Bulge.

Fought between December 16th, 1944 and January 25th, 1945, the Battle of the Bulge (aka the Ardennes Offensive) was the largest and bloodiest battle fought by Americans during World War 2. American forces numbered approximately 840,000 men to approximately 300,000 German troops. When the battle ended the United States had suffered 89,500 casualties and the Germans an equal number.

This major German offensive near the mountain region of Wallonia in Belgium began poorly for the United States which was caught completely off-guard in the initial attack. It was only as weather improved, allowing for the superior U.S. air forces to do significant damage, and the arrival of reinforcements by General Patton and the Third Army, that the battle turned in favor of the Allied forces.

After a resounding defeat, the German army was left severely depleted and the American forces launched a major counter-attack of their own, eventually leading to the end of the war in Europe. One side note of interest: the Battle of the Bulge marked the first significant use of black troops in combat, helping to pave the way towards de-segregation in the armed forces.

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In this high tech world of ours it is not hard to find the technicians to develop a war

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HiTech Creations and Aces High continue to honor the brave soldiers who fought in World War II by looking at another of the great battles during that war. Today we will take an in-depth look at the Battle of Kursk, a massive battle on the eastern front that took place near the city of Kursk. This battle was the last major offensive by the Germans on the eastern front and the subsequent victory by the Russians effectively ended any further aggression by the Germans on that eastern front.

The Germans came into the battle with over 780,000 men, 2,928 tanks and over 2,000 aircraft. The Russians had close to two million men, over 5,000 tanks and close to 3,000 aircraft. This was a two-month engagement in 1943 and was the largest series of armored clashes and the costliest single day of aerial warfare in history.

The Russians were well-aware of the impending battle and had dug in defenses that simply could not be breeched. With a web of minefields, pre-arranged artillery fire zones, and eight defense lines that were 250 km deep, this stronghold could not be taken by the Germans no matter how hard they tried. When the German forces had worn themselves out trying to take this position, the Russians countered with their own attacks and in so doing pushed the German forces back for good.

When all was said and done the Germans had lost 54,182 men, had 323 tanks destroyes, and lost 159 aircraft. The Russians lost 177,000 men, over 1,600 tanks and aircraft losses close to one thousand. It was, needless to say, a bitter battle that crippled the German forces and cancelled their plans to take control of the eastern front for the rest of the war.

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