WWII History

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Military strategy, to some extent, has had to change over the years and those changes were generally dictated by the advancement in technology. A classic example of this point was shown during the American Civil War. Previous military strategy called for Army Corps to align in rows and columns and march into battle, effectively the strategy employed in every war prior to the Civil War. Unfortunately, modern advancements in weaponry made that military strategy obsolete within a matter of months as guns were able to shoot farther and more accurately than ever before.

Some basic beliefs regarding overall strategy in battle have not changed. In the United States Army Field Manual of Military Operations, essential battle concepts are listed as:

  1. Objective (in other words, have a plan and move towards it)
  2. Offensive (always push the initiative)
  3. Mass (choose where to concentrate your combat power)
  4. Economy of Force (more expenditure of assets for essential efforts)
  5. Maneuver (make the enemy react to your moves)
  6. Unity of Command (all efforts dictated by one commander)
  7. Security (protect your forces)
  8. Surprise (seek the enemy’s area of unpreparedness)
  9. Simplicity (use the Keep It Simple Stupid concept so no misunderstandings)

Although these basic battle strategies are always in the mind of a combatant, it must be remembered that fluidity must always be employed because situations are constantly changing in combat and one must have the capabilities to adjust based on the ever-changing aspects of battle.

Massive 3d multiplayer games like Aces High require that players always keep these basic military strategies in mind. This is especially difficult considering the fact that each time you go online you are facing different opponents whose strategies are different from the last opponents you faced in a combat game. The fluidity factor is readily apparent in flight simulator games in each battle. Questions like, “what do I want to accomplish?” or “how can I use my opponents’ actions against them,” should always be considered when entering battle. There are simply too many skilled players out there for any player to enter an arena without clear objectives and certainly without the ability to change on the fly.

Give Aces High a try; use the free two-week download and find out just how exciting multiplayer games can be. A warning, though: make sure you have clear objectives because you can bet your opponents have theirs.”

HiTech Creations, who have been bringing you Aces High since 1999, has moved to Ft. Worth after twelve years in Grapevine, Texas. A little hop, skip, and jump down the road as we set up roots in our new headquarters.

What does this mean to you, the player? Absolutely nothing is the fast answer. While we have been busy moving all of our “stuff” the one thing that hasn’t changed is our goal to create one game and one game only, namely Aces High, and make that the best online combat game on the market.

We are looking forward to the future in Ft. Worth as we continually bring challenges to our loyal fan base as well as newcomers as they sit down for the first time and try Aces High.

We’ll see you in the skies!

Flight simulator games like Aces High give players a chance to test their skills and strategies against hundreds of players from around the world. Some of the strategies are ones developed after hours of play; some are based on actual World War II battle strategies.

Early on in WWII there were two basic schools of thought concerning air battle. The Japanese in particular believed that extremely lightweight aircraft with great range and maneuverability, like the A6M Zero, would dominate any dogfight. The Allies believed in greater speed and superior rate of climb. It soon became apparent that the Japanese were much more in tune with the needs of a pilot in a dogfight.

The Germans, meanwhile, worked on the assumption that sheer mass numbers would carry most fights and early in the war that belief was accurate. The European nations simply were no match for the German superiority in number of aircraft available. The Germans also had unmatched anti-aircraft guns capable of firing 88 millimeter shells 50,000 feet into the air. The number of British, French, and Russian aircraft destroyed in the first couple years of the war was astounding and crippling to their war efforts and they didn’t have the industrial capabilities to replace their huge losses.

By 1943, however, the U.S. industrial machine was producing new military weapons and aircraft that could match anything the Germans or Japanese could produce. The F6F Hellcat and the F4U Corsair were better matches against Japanese planes and air superiority started to shift in the American direction shortly after.

Towards the end of the war jet propulsion, radar, and air-to-air missiles were introduced to battles, but their military importance was experienced more during the Korean War than WWII. Until that time, air strategies and battles relied more upon pilot skill and the industrial capabilities of each nation to keep producing war machinery. As in the Civil War with the North’s superior ability to keep producing weapons, WWII was eventually won because of America’s ability to out-produce every other nation on Earth.

Combat games, and probably especially WW2 games, are a great way to test your combat knowledge, reflexes, and strategies during the heat of battle. Does speed counteract maneuverability? Does rate of climb counteract short turn-radius? Can you use the clouds to your advantage? Can you coordinate your squadron to match the strategies of your opponents? This is exciting stuff, all done from the safety of your computer desk. Strap on your helmet and have a great flight!

For any student of history, World War Two was truly fascinating. As the first war that literally encompassed the globe, the strategies involved must have been incredible in their planning. Coordinating so many troop movements, transporting supplies to every corner of the Earth, the overall strategies and implementation of those strategies are almost too much to comprehend.

One such battle that required months of planning and millions of personnel to implement was the Invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944. As the major link in Operation Overlord, it was the largest amphibious operation in military history. 6,900 vessels, 4,100 landing craft, 12,000 aircraft, 1,000 transports, 10,000 bombs, and 14,000 attack sorties were used during the invasion of the beachfronts along France. Allied forces practiced for months along the coast of England as they prepared for the ultimate challenge.

Combat games like Aces High do not try to recreate actual battles in WW2 but they do bring to life the planning and actual combat involved in the major conflicts. Quick decision-making, instantaneous response to unexpected enemy attacks, all are skills needed to succeed in WW2 games. Different arenas can be chosen as you test your reactions against the best players from around the world. In that simulated sense you really are participating in a world war.

The Allied forces finally broke free from the beachfronts of France in late July, 1944, and made their push inland, eventually leading to the defeat of Germany in Europe. Cemeteries and memorial markers can still be found across the landscape of Western Europe commemorating the historic battles fought during those years. Survivors of those epic battles are diminishing in numbers but firsthand accounts are left to us in diary entries and interviews. All that is left for historical students who truly want to experience what it was like during those encounters is to play World War Two games like Aces High.

Try the free two-week download of Aces High to get a feel for what these simulations are all about; chances are once you do that you will be hooked and hundreds of hours of challenging fun will be yours with the click of your mouse. True, it’s not like actual combat, but you will gain a new perspective, understanding, and appreciation for what actual combat was all about.