WWII History

Serious gamers look for several things when trying out a new online game. Regardless of the type of game, several criteria need to be met in order to satisfy someone really into, oh say, a combat game or a WW2 game. Graphics have to be first rate. No getting around the demand for outstanding graphics; in a similar vein, gamers want authenticity to ooze from every screen.

The makers of Aces High understand these basic facts. That’s why they are constantly working to improve graphics and also to make sure that the planes, boats, and vehicles in their games are authentic in every detail. One example of this insistence on authenticity is the tank section in the Aces High game. Armored vehicles played a huge part in World War II and three of the most effective tanks were the German Mk.IV Panzer, the American M4 Sherman, and the Russian T-34/76.

The Panzer was originally developed in 1937 and early on in the war it was the dominant tank. Armed with a 75 mm gun and hull and turret-mounted machine guns, this war machine was capable of travelling 18 mph over most terrain. One of the interesting facts is that it was so dominant early on because it had radios installed in it, making coordinated movement with troops and planes possible. It was later replaced by the Mk.V Panther, a much faster tank with more armor that debuted in 1943 at the Battle of Kursk.

The M4 Sherman was easily the most produced tank in WWII. It wasn’t the fastest, it wasn’t the most powerful, but it was produced in such numbers as to overwhelm the enemy on all fronts. It sported 50 mm side armor, adequate outside of 100 yards but not thick enough for in-fighting. It also had a 75 mm gun and hull and turret-mounted machine guns.

Finally there was the T-34/76 introduced in 1939, so named for its 76 mm gun. The frontal armor was 45 mm thick and sloped at 60 degrees and it boasted of being indestructible, a claim that was later proven incorrect. 40,000 of these killing machines were produced and it was later replaced by the T-34/85, a much more reliable and well-protected tank.

All three of these tanks can be found on Aces High, the WWII simulation war game created by HiTech Creations. The graphics are superb, the authenticity is right on, and serious gamers are giving a thumbs up for this great online game. Download the game, hop in your M4 Sherman, and take on the best the Germans have to offer over the European landscape.

As 1941 came to a close the Japanese military braintrust was determined to isolate China from the rest of the world. To do so it was acknowledged that the main supply route for China, the Burma Road, had to be shut down. As that drama unfolded the main opposition to the Japanese aggression was an RAF squadron and one squadron of the AVG (American Volunteer Group), headquartered near Burma’s capitol, Rangoon.

On December 23, 1941, Japan began a series of bombing runs against Rangoon. For the next two days the skies over Rangoon were filled with aerial battles between the highly maneuverable Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero, Japan’s excellent long-range carrier fighter boasting a 12:1 kill ratio, and a much smaller number of P-40E’s, P-40B’s, and Brewster Buffaloes, the F2A’s known as the “flying coffins.” For all intent and purposes this should have been an extremely one-sided engagement, but the RAF and AVG distinguished themselves well during those three days and the Burma Road and Rangoon remained open and free after the onslaught.

With the advent of 1942 Rangoon continued to be bombed almost daily and the depleted RAF and AVG forces were scrambling to find a way to prevent the unpreventable.

Welcome to the new Aces High scenario “Road To Rangoon” coming this Spring. Registration begins March 27, 2011 and in order to register you need to go to http://www.ahevents.org . A complete schedule of frames is available at that site as well as sign-up information and instructions. Just follow the link in the upper right corner to the registration page.

Axis aircraft for this scenario will include the famous Zero’s, the A6M2 and A6M5, as well as the Bf-110C4 and the G4M-1. Flying for the RAF and AVG will be the P-40B Tomahawk, the P-40E Warhawk, the Hawker Hurricane Mk-1, and the F2A Brewster Buffalo.

Scenarios are just one of many special events offered on Aces High, the leader in WWII online games. HiTech Creations is continually upgrading this game to offer the participants an ever-changing format and constant new challenges. Get your buddies to sign up and fly in your own designated unit as you fly the skies over Rangoon and do battle with other dogfight experts. The action will be hot and heavy as you constantly scan the skies for enemy aircraft.

The outcome of the Burma Road is in your hands. Capture or defend Rangoon, it all depends on your flying prowess in this exciting new scenario brought to you by the creators of Aces High.

Choosing the best world war games means selecting the top performers, which usually involves an online flight simulator.  In this ever-changing arena of online games, there may be several factors involved in choosing a favorite.  What kind of artillery can players use?  What strategies are involved?  Basically, what's in it for you?  To narrow down the elite war games, check for historical accuracy, flight simulator availability and options offered to players.

The best world war games have some degree of historical accuracy to create the most realistic feel.  If a game lists Hellcats as Japanese aircraft or says they offer Swiss fighter planes: don't even bother going further.  Do some fact checking.  See if dates, weaponry and vehicles match up correctly.  In Aces High, players can take part in historical scenarios for a better understanding of what took place and the challenges pilots faced every second of every battle.

The next crucial piece of the puzzle is the online flight simulator.  This option greatly determines not only the level of fun competitors have but also the reality factor.  Given the choice of looking at how a war was won or experiencing how a war was won, which would you choose?  While nothing truly compares to literally fighting alongside your brethren in the trenches, the next best thing is seeing the war through an online flight simulator.  Feel the excitement, the fear, the pressure and come back for more.

The final part of choosing the best world war games has to do with variety.  Few people want to do the same monotonous task again and again: if they did, they'd just go to work instead of playing online games.  A great game shakes it up by giving various aircraft, tanks, artillery and boats to choose from.  Take the opportunity to check out the difference between flying a Soviet fighter versus a British fighter then later compare.  Participate in dogfights then bomb the ground from above and note the differences.  You never know until you try and you can't try unless you have those options.

Take the time to be a world war games aficionado. Games like Aces High, complete with an online flight simulator, is one of the best world war games around.  Check out all these online games have to offer and see who surpasses the rest.  And don't forget to have fun on every online mission.

A great dogfight game, one that truly gets the heartbeat racing, must include an online flight simulator.  Gamers want to feel the rush of adrenaline and experience up close aerial combat.  What better way to do that then with a great World War II game like Aces High?  This game, like other great combat games, includes a flight simulator, authentic aircraft and serious firepower.

Every pilot involved in a dogfight has got to have nerves of steel. It's best to know if players have the right stuff before they're in the air.  Now they can try out a virtual cockpit and get the feel of it before jumping into combat.  Enter the online flight simulator.  This option makes a good online game great.  Essentially all that's missing are the battle scars after taking part in an aerial skirmish via Aces High.  No game comes close to showing how the skies were won without use of the flight simulator.

Accept no substitutions when going the distance in a dogfight game.  Just like an outlaw wouldn't bring a knife to a gunfight, a real gamer wouldn't play a World War II game without use of an authentic aircraft.  Look for historically accurate replicas to select from.  If skeptical, research planes to ensure they are the real deal.  To replicate missions, the goal is to see how individual airplanes handled themselves.  Without authentic planes, there's no genuine military history being recreated.

A dogfight game without weapons is like a hurricane without rain.  Don't forget to check for firepower because whichever side you're on, you'll need those guns.  Verify for accuracy to make sure the chosen aircraft has correct artillery for that specific time period.  Look at other online players and films to learn more about the weapons of choice, how they were strategically used and how to make the most of them.  An online flight simulator can also be a helpful tool when training to become a top fighter pilot.
A dogfight game can be a fun way to experience a World War II simulated event.  Taking the time to find the right game, like Aces High, can be worth its weight in spades.  An online flight simulator, authenticity and firepower all aid in making a historical online game quite entertaining.

Players of online games who engage in virtual dogfights through a combat flight simulator may only be after an adrenaline rush.  Well hold on there, Ace!  There's more to these high flying games than meets the eye.  Participants can learn about strategy, history and tactical maneuvering all while having fun in spite of the dangers.

World War 2 games are known for keeping competition fierce.  The creators want players to get a real feel of the action and how important tactical solutions are in gameplay.   Strategical moves help illustrate the importance of having a clear battle plan and carrying it out no matter what unforeseen trouble may arise.  Follow orders?  Answer to a higher power?  Chart a new course?  Choose your own path as you resolve to pursue the best plan of action that will lead to a military conquest.

History sometimes gets a bad rap for being not being the sexiest course out there.  With combat flight simulators like Aces High, this subject is about to take interesting to a new level.  No books or classes are needed, just a computer and a sense of adventure.  Learn how World War II was really fought in the skies and who the major players were.  Participate in historically accurate scenarios to see how it really went down.  Cast away old prejudices and try piloting British, German, American, Japanese and Soviet aircraft to see what challenges crew members really faced.

One special perk of a combat flight simulator is learning tactical maneuvering.  While in the cockpit, players can increase their knowledge base picking up all kinds of pertinent information on how to excel in air combat.  Pretty soon, their skill set becomes so high that a new confidence comes with them to each dogfight.

Online games are a great way to pick up skills in the areas of strategy, tactical maneuvering and history.  A combat flight simulator can transport players directly into the cockpit to one of the most exciting times in military history.  World War II games offer exciting rides among the clouds while racking up some useful knowledge as well.  Now grab your bomber jacket and have some fun.