WWII History

Gamers like WWII online games like Aces High, for so many reasons. World War II is one of the most talked about wars to date and rightfully so.  Many countries, causes and casualties make this one conflict to discuss again and again.  Of course there are the history buffs who dig the dogfights but even those who don't care about the past are getting in on this entertainment.  Fun, excitement and history all await those who dare venture into the world of combat games.

Ah fun, that's what motivates many gamers today so why should WW2 online games be any exception?  Such games can provide a great outlet for those wanting to test out their virtual wings in a safe environment. Combat games allow for different styles of fighting and the ability to fight for different sides with no lasting penalties.  The online flight simulator is something that can really up the fun factor too.  This option allows virtual pilots to see the world through the authentic cockpit and make tactical decisions based on these views.

Zooming through an angry nest of Japanese Zeroes and making it through to tomorrow can be quite a feat, even if it is only in a combat game.  Excitement like this can be great for the heart.  Fans know they will escape alive so they can feel free to put everything on the line.  Adrenaline flows freely in players of World War II games because of all the hardcore aerial maneuvers they have to make in such short spurts of time. 

WWII online games are also big on history.  They provide an entertaining way to learn how World War II was fought and won.  For those who like history, these combat games could keep them entrenched with all of the details and historical scenarios.  Even players who could care less about this subject may find themselves liking the study of the past.  Aces High has an online flight simulator that recreates important historical battles which illustrate how strategy is vital in winning a war.

Next time there's an afternoon that doesn't have activities scheduled, play a WWII online game to relive some of military history's greatest moments and make some of your own.  Use the online flight simulator and virtually destroy enemy aircraft.  Combat games allow players to have fun, get excited and learn history all in one session.

Warbirds are flown in online flight simulator, Aces High.  The word warbirds may conjure up images of old planes involved in dogfights or ground assaults but these days it can mean even more.  The historical value of these now outdated craft can show how they helped win the war.  The definition of and types of warbirds can assist players in choosing which aircraft as they begin their journey into World War II games.

What is a Warbird?  The definition may vary somewhat depending on who is asked but it is basically a vintage military aircraft.  All of these planes were flown for a branch of some country's armed services and have been retired.  Due to their loyal fans, clubs and organizations have been founded to further the appreciation for these gems.  Many active participants buy and restore these old aircraft to their original condition.  Now that's dedication to preserving history!  Some of these aircraft are replicated and made new to show what they would look like if one was restored.

From the air, World War 2 was fought with many types of armed airplanes.  These warbirds may look the same to someone on the ground just staring into the distance but upon closer inspection, there are vast differences.  The Soviet Union had the Yak-9s and Germany had the Fw 190s and Me 262s.  Britain showed the world their Spitfires and Japan illustrated their skills with the Zero. The US came out with the P-51 Mustangs and F-6 Hellcats.  What a way to save the day and now such aerial replays can be done in an online flight simulator.

Piloting Warbirds on Aces High can be a fun way to step back in time.  Players can see for themselves what it was like to be in the cockpit of an authentic plane and take on the opposing side.  Face other online players in serious in-flight combat scenarios, form a squadron or create select missions using the best online flight simulator available.  Artistic participants can even create historically accurate skins for their planes.

What better way to learn about history than being there?  Being in control of a virtual aircraft used in World War II can show players details that a book never could.  What an enjoyable way to be part of military history and learn what kind of hero you would have been.

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As an added incentive, no financial information or credit card is needed for this free trial download.  Simply check the system requirements for your computer, click on the download link, and you will soon be sitting in your 3D cockpit flying the skies above Europe, the Pacific, or other WWI or WWII locales. Choose from over a hundred aircraft, ground vehicles, or boats and prepare for battle. Play by yourself or join a squadron and compete against hundreds of other gamers.  Coordinate your airstrikes with ground and sea support as you orchestrate your battle plans. Aces High allows you to do that and so much more in this realistic flight simulation.

Once you have become comfortable with the game there are many more downloads that are available. Customized skins for the planes that you choose are a click away as well as a wide variety of terrains. Watch player-created movies for tips on better gaming, or become active in special events that are constantly being held like Scenario Events, Extreme Air Racing, King of the Hill, or Friday Squad Operations.  The many flight simulator downloads are offered to give you the ultimate experience in flight simulation.

The philosophy of HiTech Creations is very simple, to concentrate on one game and make that game the best flight simulator game on the market. With this focused attention to quality and a support staff of experienced professionals, HiTech can offer a flight simulation game that will challenge the most seasoned online competitors.

The Battle of Midway awaits you, or maybe you prefer a dogfight over Europe as your P-51D Mustang does battle with a German Me 163 while tracers light up the sky over Germany.  Can your high speed jet fighter compensate for the maneuverability of your opponent’s aircraft? Can you use the terrain to your advantage? Can you prepare for the next move of your opponents while constantly being aware of the anti-aircraft guns below? Download the free two week simulator trial of Aces High and step back into history for the ride of a lifetime.

What do the Il 2 Sturmovik, World War II and an online game have in common?  They all share a large fanbase who like them for a variety of reasons.  People of all different backgrounds can enjoy sitting in a virtual cockpit and taking control of such massive machinery like the Il-2.  The historical significance and the best combat games can show why this Soviet aircraft appeals to so many.

The Il-2 Sturmovik or (Shturmovik) was an aircraft designed for ground assault by the Soviet Union.  In 1938, the Central Design Bureau's Sergey Ilyushin and his associates came out with the Il-2.  The original prototype was flown in 1939.  This new plane consisted of one engine, room for one pilot at first and a propeller driven system.  Although only around 250 had been built by the time Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union, the Il-2 and its successor, the Ilyushin Il-10, became the most produced airplanes in military history.  Many historians consider these creations the leaders in the ground attack category of airplanes.  What a thrill to be at the helm of this cool craft in an online flight simulator!

Pilots of the Il-2 referred to their plane as “Ilyusha” while ground soldiers had names for it like the “Hunchback” or the “Flying Infantryman.”  Soviets say this aircraft is one of the most significant in the art of modern war.  A unique trait of the Il-2 Sturmovik is that its outer armor was load bearing so it saved weight while making an overall sturdier craft.  This tough cookie could take quite a licking under enemy fire thus earning it another nickname, the “Flying Tank.”  This aircraft is involved in numerous World War II games and given plenty of enemies a run for their money with its pilot players.

History is nice but what about the gaming?  The Il-2 has inspired a multitude of combat games which all have their individual strong points. Some World War 2 games concentrate their efforts on fighting in the Eastern Front. Aces High is an online flight simulator in which players can choose from many different planes, one being the Il-2 Sturmovik.  Participants can create squadrons and stage historically accurate battles from their cockpits. The Il-2 is certainly an aircraft that serious war game buffs will not want to miss.

A real aircraft simulator game is one that captures the true thrill of what it was like to fly in World War II.  Based on such a colorful history, the Il 2 Sturmovik is one aircraft that impresses right from take off.  Try choosing the Il-2 next time you're the pilot and see where this big bird takes you.

For many, playing flying simulator games online offers them the chance to take control of a fighter plane when they might not otherwise have had that opportunity. But the ability to take part in combat while in the skies is even more tantalizing, and Aces High -- a WW1 and WW2-based game -- offers players the chance to take to the skies and battle against their friends. Aces High is one of the most popular online flight sim games for many reasons, but here are just a few of them:

The chance to take on your friends online. One of the key features of Aces High, the online multiplayer option of this flight simulator allows you to connect to the Internet and take part in games with your friends. You can tweak your vehicle to your ideal specifications then jump into engaging and intense gameplay in a bid to beat your friends and soar up the online leaderboard. All of your scores will be recorded, and you'll be able to prove to your friends who emerged on top in your battles.

More than 100 aircraft & vehicles at your disposal. Unlike many other online war games, Aces High features a huge range of planes, tanks and boats which you can choose from to wage war against your rivals. From an American Jeep and an Elco 80' PT boat to the famous British Sptitfire MK I fighter and the Japanese A6M5b "Zero" naval fighter, there's a wealth of options to choose from in Aces High, just another reason why it reigns supreme among flying simulator games online.

Realistic gameplay. While other online flight sim games might make life easy for you with unrealistic and over-simplified controls, Aces High puts the power in your hands. It's up to you to learn how to fly each plane and control each vehicle properly, but learning to do so will ensure a much higher level of satisfaction when you shoot down enemy after enemy. This flight sim even offers you the chance to join or start your own squadron.

Practice for free offline. Though online flight sim games players will invariably jump online straight away only to be completely overwhelmed by their opponents, Aces High understands that you might need some time to get used to the controls and, as such, you can hone your skills in the offline training missions for free.