Text Colors and Sizes

ICONS are used in the game as a means to identify the plane, vehicle, or boat. This aid helps in distinguishing friendly from foe and allows you to see what type of plane is near you. There is other information imparted with the ICON, such as the rate of closure.

Players may customize the icon colors and font sizes in Aces High by changing the various options in this panel of the game.

Configure your color preferences, for many things, in Aces HighYou can adjust the color of the icons by selecting the type you want to configure from the Icon: drop down list.

Once you have made this selection, then adjust the sliders for the three colors to your own liking.


This adjusts the amount of red in the icon.


This adjusts the amount of green in the icon.


This adjusts the amount of blue in the icon.

To the right of the three sliders is a box which displays the color as it would appear in the game.

Font Size

Select the size of the font you would like the game to use for various text items.

Once you have made all the adjustments to your liking, simply press the OK button. If you do not wish to make any changes, press the Cancel button.

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