View Panning Options

In Aces High, you can use your mouse instead of your joystick or keypad keys to look around while you are in flight. To configure this option, you will be presented with the panel shown below.

The view preferences setup panel for Aces High.Default to Instant View

When this view option is enabled the view changes are instantaneous.

Use <SHIFT><M> from the keyboard to toggle this on and off, while in the game.

Start in Mouse Look

This is the default for the game. If you do not want to use your mouse for views, then uncheck this option.

Mouse Snap Views

This option configures how the views will be visibly portrayed.
If it is checked, then you view will only change after a certain amount of mouse movement and the view then will snap to that view.

If this option is not checked, then view is panned smoothly as you move the mouse.

Invert X

This allows you to reverse up and down motion of the mouse.

Invert Y

This allows you to reverse the left and right motion of the mouse.

Mouse Scale

This adjusts the sensitivity of the mouse inputs.

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