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"Prepared for all things"


12th Fighter Squadron mainly will fly P-38G, P-38J, P-38L, but feel free to fly what you are comfortable with. We require you to fly what the squad is in during squad nights. Another190-1-1-.JPG


We use the in game squad channel so no outside communication programs are needed.

The History[edit]

The 12th Fighter Squadron was originally activated as the 12th Pursuit Squadron in 1941, at Selfridge Air Base, Michigan. They first began combat operations when they moved to a small island south of Guadalcanal and began flying the P-400, an export version of the P-39 “Air Cobra.” They later flew the P-38 “Lightning,” performing both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions. During WWII, they participated in the following campaigns: Guadalcanal; Northern Solomons; Bismark Archipelago; New Guinea; Leyte; Luzon; Southern Philippines; Western Pacific; China Defensive; Air Combat; Asiatic-Pacific Theater. At the conclusion of WWII they were stationed at Clark Air Base, Philippines where they remained until 1950.

In June 1950 volunteers from the 12th deployed to South Korea in response to the invasion by the North Koreans. Eventually the entire squadron deployed to locations in Japan and Korea; turning in their F-80 jets for the more versatile F-51 “Mustang,” flying ground support missions. They remained in Korea until 1954 when the squadron moved to Kadena AFB, Japan. By 1957, the 12th began flying the F-100 “Super Sabre,” which remained their platform until December 1962. In March 1963, the 12th completed the conversion to the F-105 “Thunderchief.” Two years later, on 1 February 1965, they deployed to Da Nang AB, South Vietnam. They then moved to Korat AB, Thailand where they flew 279 combat sorties without loss of an aircraft or crew. They returned to Kadena on 15 March 1965, only to deploy to Korat again on 15 June-25 August 1965. This time they flew 1,520 combat sorties; unfortunately, they lost five aircraft in combat.

The squadron returned to Kadena where they remained until November 1999. During that time, the squadron made numerous deployments in response to real world crisis's and training exercises. On 23 January 1968, they deployed to Osan AB, Korea, in response to the seizure of the U.S.S. Pueblo. They also deployed to Incirlik AB, Turkey for Operation NORTHERN WATCH from 1 November 1998-31 January 1999. In November 1975, the squadron began flying the F-4 “Phantom.” On 4 January 1980, they gave up their Phantoms in exchange for the F-15 “Eagle,” an aircraft they continue to fly some 20 years later. In November 1999, the Air Force inactivated the 12th Fighter Squadron and reactivated it again in April 2000 with the 3rd Wing at Elmendorf AFB, Alaska.

Squad Night[edit]

This is still being determined at this time!

To Join[edit]

  1. Or email Shack at JaceyShack@yahoo.com