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The 332nd Flying Mongrels has been around since 1997 with members all over the United States and in parts of Europe. The average age of our squad would be in the mid to late 40’s. We have doctors to ditch diggers, teachers to technicians, firefighters to farmers, covering all walks of life. We share a love for WWII aviation and flight simulators. Many of us have met one another and it is encouraged if any squadies live near each other to try to get together. Not only do we support ourselves in game, but we share our lives through our squad BB, e-mails, and phone calls. We keep our vox, BB postings, and e-mails clean. Foul and or abusive, insulting language is not tolerated toward members, or anyone in the Aces High community. Our squad is a place where men become friends and friends become brothers.


The 332nd Flying Mongrels was started in 1997 by daddog and docdog in Warbirds. After a short time docdog stepped down and Ghosth, (An Aces High Trainer) became the X.O. of our squad and was for many years. In 2005 Ghosth stepped down and TeeeRex, one of our original members from 1998 became X.O., and still is. TeeeRex like daddog lives in California along with quite a few others squad members. There is also a large contingent that is on the East Coast and other members spread out all over the U.S. and Canada. The 332nd Flying Mongrels tends to be more of an ‘events’ squad and their squad night is in the Friday Night Squad Operations that was started by daddog and the CM team back in 2001.

Squadron Philosophy[edit]

Our fundamental principle when we fly Aces High is to have fun and make friends. Speaking for myself (daddog) in the past eleven years while I have been flying in various sims I have made several friends. Most of which are the fellows in my own squadron, but others that are not. We don't mind competitive spirits as long as a certain goal does not become the focus of why you are flying, such as attaining a certain number of kills in one sortie. We look for members that are willing to give up a kill to go save a squad mates who is in trouble. If you join our ranks, please, just fly, enjoy yourself, and hopefully make some friends.


The 332nd Flying Mongrels generally fly for the Knights in all the Main Arena’s and we fly for whichever side we are assigned for in FSO or for whichever side is needed in Snapshots.

Time Zone

Squad time is Friday night in the Friday Squad Operations at 11 PM Eastern. We have a 2nd official squad night on Sunday at 9 PM Eastern. Members will also participate in the Snapshots on Wednesday night at 10 PM Eastern. Members are in all the U.S. time zones and you can find someone on most weekdays late afternoon and evening.

Voice Comms

The 332nd Flying Mongrels tune to 132 in all arenas, but we also have a Ventrilo Server for members.


Our squad will fly anything and everything. We do not limit members to a certain ride and you will find members who are quite skilled in a variety of aircraft.