353rd FG "Slybirds"

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Our Aim

First and foremost, to have fun. We will try to emulate the function of the real 353rd FG in every arena and scenario. To build the 353rd FG into respected and reputable members of the Aces High community.


353rd Fighter Group membership is ‘OPEN’ to all people regardless of skill level. All we ask is that you participate in our weekly squad missions and you adhere to the standard operating procedures listed here. All new members will have the Rank of Cadet for the initial 1 to 2 months. We reserve the right to decline players under the age of 18.

Expectations from a member of the 353rd Fighter Group

We expect members to have fun. We will be representing the 353rd FG in Aces High. There will be little tolerance given to anybody that directly or indirectly effects the squadron in a negative fashion. This can be done ONLINE, In-Person, or on the AH BBS. We will expect all members to behave properly in a public forum and on Aces High public radio channels. Any member who brings dishonour to the 353rd FG will be subject to dismissal.

Above all , We like to have fun and request all others to do the same. We fly in the FSO events and others as time and nights allow.Please check us out at www.slybirds.com