457th 'Grey Nurse' SQN RAAF

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The 457th is a historic late war squadron that is currently inactive. Hopefully it will be active in the next month.

TheHawk SQN CO

Deeny SQN 2IC


The 457th is an Australian Air Force Spitfire squadron, dedicated to the memory of not only members of the actual WWII squadron, but also all pilots and ground crew that are or have been in the RAAF. Although a historic squadron, the requirement of flying ONLY Spitfires is non-existent. Pilots in the 457th have the option of flying non-squadron aircraft if they wish. However, if there is some special event/tribute/mission the SQN CO will notify all SQN members that it is required to fly a SQN plane.

The SQN CO is in charge of bomber and fighter command (including observation/reconnaissance by air) and the issuing of NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen). They will create (or approve) missions regarding fighters and bombers. This does not restrict you to what you fly and when, unless it is within a 'required attendence' scenario.

There is also an ADG (Air Defence Guard [Sea/Ground support]) section of the squadron. Once you have selected to use a vehicle/boat, you no longer are under the jurastiction of the SQN CO, but rather the 2IC (Second in command) who is in charge of all land, sea, and logistic (supply) operations. Once again, this does not restrict you to what you drive and when, only during certain scenarios which you would be notified of anyway.

Responbilities change as more people join the Squadron. Angry spit2.JPG

Squadron Planes[edit]

Spitfire Mk. I (Default)

Spitfire Mk. V (457S/RAAF by Croduh)

Spitfire Mk. VIII (80FW/1TAF RAAF by Kev367th)

Aircraft performance[edit]

Coming soon!

Current Squadron Line-up[edit]

CO: TheHawk

2IC: Deeny


When it all comes down to it, we are all just here to have fun. So profanity, sledging, disobedience of orders without reason etc. etc. will not be tolerated. The 457th is a relaxed squadron, and players within the squadron have the right to challenge orders if thought unfair. However, the player must have a very good reason.

There will be a few missions a day, mostly combat air patrols or town strikes. These missions are optional, unless notified prior to the mission posting.

Occasionally there may be a joint operation, but you have to listen to your respective commanders (e.g. 2IC for vehicles/boats and SQN CO for bombers/fighters). For an example, if the SQN CO told you to do something, and you are in an LVTA2, you have the right to notify the 2IC of the SQN CO's intentions, then follow the 2IC from there. However, the 2IC MUST execute orders submitted from the CO.

If either the 2IC or SQN CO are not present, then the responsibility for all operations falls upon the commander who is present.