457th BG "Air Expeditionary Group"

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In WW2, this Bomb Group was short-lived. Founded in 1944, it was created for strategic bombing in Germany. The 457th participated in high altitude sorties and is responsible for destroying key factories and refineries in Germany. They were well-known for their silver B-17s. They did not apply paint on their bombers, as it decreased drag and weight, and increased aerodynamics. The 457th BG were also one of the fastest flying B-17 bomb groups of WW2. The group was deactivated in 1945.

In 2001, the 457th "Air Expeditionary Group" was reactivated and are currently flying the B-52H Stratofortress. They are participating in the War on Terror.

In Aces High

This squad consists of pilots that like to work together. We currently fly for the Rooks. The squad vox is channel 128. The squad primarily flies in the Late War Main Arenas. We are currently under developement, as this is a prototype bomb squadron. The 457th BG is designed to do joint operations with the 100th BG "Bloody Hundredth". The squad is young, but is coming along very nicely.


We specialize in "strategic bombing". Our squad crate is the B-17G. We usually set our target altitude above 20K feet. We hit such targets as cities, refineries, and bases. Most of our sorties range from 200 miles to 400 miles in a single flight. The 457th BG operates on a democratic system. This means that the voice of the squad determines the 457th's next move. We are not limited to bombing, however... we fly all planes and drive all vehicles.


You may have seen us in the arenas from time to time. We are recognized by our "AE" squad tags in our GameID. The "AE" stands for Air Expeditionary. If you have been flying for the Knights or Bishops, you may have also seen a cloud of silver B-17s dropping bombs on your head!