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The 55th FG 38th FS is an Aces High II squadron, it is named after the 55th FG 38th FS squadron that was active during WWII.

  • Established in late 1942 as a P-38 Lightning fighter squadron, the 55th trained under Second Air Force in the pacific northwest, was later deployed to the European Theater of Operations (ETO), and assigned to VIII Fighter Command in England in late 1943. The squadron's mission was to provide long range fighter escort for B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator heavy bombers on strategic bombing missions over Occupied Europe and Nazi Germany. In April 1944 the 55th received P-51D Mustang fighter aircrafts and continued its primary task of escorting B-17 and B-24 bombers that attacked such targets as industries and marshalling yards in Germany, along with airfields and V-weapon sites in France.

About Us[edit]

The 55th FG 38th FS was created in 2012. It is a small group of virtual pilots who share a common interest in having a good time, WW2 aviation history, and the P-38 - although we fly all aircraft based on the mission. We have no set squad night but you can generally find one or two of us up on most nights, attacking and defending for Rook nation. The 55th likes to participate in Friday Night Squad Operations (FSO) and other scenarios. The 55th also participates actively in S.A.P.P. which is a group of P-38 enthusiasts from many different squadrons in Aces High.

  • Current Roster
Squad Position Member
Squad CO Carver
Squad XO Poppy
Squad Medic Baloo

Where To Find Us[edit]

We fly in all arenas, from time to time, but chances are you'll run into us puttering about in the Late War Arena aka MA. We are a predominantly a Rook squadron. If there is a good fight going on, chances are we are there, or on our way to stir up a fight elsewhere. We have squad-mates in pretty much every time zone, although we do not have any members outside North America.

Voice Comms[edit]

We all tend to hang out on Team Speak, if you ever want to tag along, you can find one of us and let us know.


Although we are based off of a WWII P-38 squadron, you may find us in any of the other rides based on our mission.

The 55th's Noseart[edit]

We use the historical 55th's nose-art (see above).