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The Aces High 77th Fighter Squadron “Gamblers” was formed in February 2008 with the goal of growth to a scale of squad operations self sufficiency as well as intersquad cooperation. Most all squad members were hand-picked for certail in-game skills such as bombing, attack, ground vehicles, or fighters.

The 77th Fighter Squadron “Gamblers” is a multi-purpose, all adult squad that flies exclusively knights.

The squad flys the original colors of the real life squad 77th FS “Gamblers” that fought in WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and both Gulf Wars, and serves in the Middle East today. We honor the men and women who served and gave their lives for our freedom, and it is an honor for us cartoon pilots to wear that patch.

In WWII the squad flew mainly P-51s, P-38’s in the European Theatre of Operations. The squad uses the 77th's Official emblem as it's in-game nose-art.

One great thing about our squad is when you see three or four of them or more on at the same time you can pretty much assume they are doing something TOGETHER. “Gamblers” realize that wingman tactics and teamwork DO WORK. They also use sound & proven military tactics like the element of surprise, pincer and flanking maneuvers, and bringing overwhelming numbers to bear on a perticular target.

We have no rules about flying any perticular plane and squad members take up their own weapon of choice.

We have a regular Squad Night, our own private squad forum on this site, our own website, and our own private forum on that website as well. We have regular newsletters and are a proud member of the Knight’s Alliance.

There is no eliteism or ego in the squad and chances are if you want to fly with us get a monitor protector, because they are some of the funniest folks you will ever fly with! While the original squad motto was “All Aces—No Jokers”, there are more than our share of Jokers in the squad—and that’s what makes the squad FUN! It’s just a bunch of regular guys who enjoy working together and getting the job done.

Members who wish can get mission leadership training. There is a structured base taking formula that we use that has a 95% success rate, and we use it extensively. Every member who wishes learns this formula and then uses it in Main Arena to run missions. Members who were previously apprehensive about leading missions before are now leading missions and meeting objectives with confidence!

We’re only at about 27% of our projected membership and there are plenty of opportunities for promotion & leadership.

Squad Wings include: Missions Wing, Bomber Wing, and Strategic Operations Wing.

Squad Group Leaders:

Stage2, Capt.,& XO (Group Leader of Special Operations/FSO Operations) ROX, Capt & CO, EZRhino CO of Wing II

Membership requirements:

  18 years old & older
  Full monthly subscription
  No problem flying exclusively knights
  Enjoy teamwork & organized operations
  As of December 1st, 2009 ALL squad members will be required to have/use a microphone