80th FS "Headhunters"

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The 80th FS "Headhunters" is an Aces HighII squadron, made up of P38 pilots. It is named after the 80th FS "Headhunters" squadron that was active during WWII.

How the virtual 80th came to be, and a brief writeup of what we are about

The 80th FS "Headhunters" were created in June of 2006. It's a small group of virtual pilots who share a common interest in the P-38 Lightning, WW2 aviation history and having a good time. We have no set squad night but you can generally find a Headhunter or two up on most nights. The 80th likes to participate in historical scenarios, and many of it's members are involved in contributing to the community in various ways including WW2 aviation history, skinning, training, map making and scenario design. The 80th also participates actively in S.A.P.P. which is a group of P-38 enthusiasts from many different squadrons in Aces High.

Where To Find Us

We fly all arenas, from the late war arenas to the early and mid war arenas. We are not loyal to any chess piece, we switch to the countries that have low numbers. If there is a good fight going on, chances are we are there. We have squad mates in pretty much every time zone, although we do not have any members outside the US.

You can also find Mensa and type

.join Mensa (this is strongly encouraged!)

Voice Comms

We all tend to hang out on channel 138, so if you ever want to tag along that's where you can find us.


Although we pretty much fly P38's exclusively, you may find us in other rides on occasion.

The 80th's Noseart

We use the historical 80th's noseart.

Dan is taking a bit of a break from the game and stepped down as CO

Mensa is now acting CO of the 80th Headhunters, we hear she has even started shaving! The young girl finally has leg hair (on the one leg she has) and is desperately trying to keep her leg smooth while she wears shorts.