AAA Suppression

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AAA Suppression

Flak suppression of a field is done as a preemptive measure to prepare a target for the arrival of the main assault wave or as a stand alone operation.

Ack stays down for 45 minutes. By allowing 10 minutes to pass before the main assault striking, it is expected that any enemy aircraft or GV's that may have launched expecting a strike will have landed their vehicle. This tactic is also useful as a feint in certain circumstances.

In most cases though, de-acking missions will occur at the same time as JABO missions intended to destroy the VH/FH/BH. It is advisable to have the AAA destruction wave hit the target approximately 1 to 2 minutes before the main strike force is expected to attack.

The AAA Strike Force should extend away from the target immediately after destroying their assigned targets to avoid attracting any defenders to the base. Destruction of anti-aircraft batteries should be a one pass, low profile attack. Do not loiter over the field. Hit and extend; regroup at your assigned rally points.

Aircraft should approach their target line abreast and are advised to attack simultaneously to prevent antiaircraft batteries from concentrating on any one aircraft. By dividing AAA fire, maximum survivability can be realized.

The best angle for attack is from altitude although a low altitude nap-of-the-earth (NOE) approach may also be employed. A shallow, high speed dive attack is preferred because it insures that strike force aircraft build up enough speed to quickly pass over the base, limiting their exposure time to enemy anti-aircraft fire. In addition, coming in at altitude, versus NOE, insures that attacking planes can avoid ground clutter and other obstacles in the path of attack.

The Lucky Strikes practice of one-pass will result in field de-acking. Note: this also applies to the AAA batteries in the town. Pilots should attack those batteries as a separate mission or as directed by the strike element commander.

Furthermore, if the mission is part of a capture attempt, the de-ack strike element will be required to either cap the field or assist in the destruction of the town.