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The Aces High Training Corps is one of the various official teams set up by HiTech Creations to provide community services.

The AHTC is composed of volunteers who donate their time and efforts to helping players learn and improve their skills. This is done by answering questions in the Training Arena, providing one-on-one training to those who request it, writing articles on the various aspects of the game, and by conducting training clinics on various game play topics.

For more information on the AHTC, visit their site at

Aces High Training Corps Roster[edit]

(online gameid's)

  • Lead Trainer: Rodent57
  • AAJagerX
  • Alpha81
  • Badboy
  • batfink
  • BigRat
  • Delirium
  • FLS
  • morfiend
  • Silat
  • TC
  • WWhiskey

On Leave[edit]

  • Rolex