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Information about Arena setup variables. This applies to all Aces High Arenas, but is commonly used by the CM Team, AvA Staff, and people using offline or lan play arenas.

Do NOT edit these unless you have personally verified and tested your information, then by all means, update this information.

As of V2.10 patch 2

Arena Settings
Variable Name Default Description
BadWordFilterCnt 2 CM SETTING: Profanity count before muting - See MuteTime
BaseCountryPer 0.0300
BoatWarningRange 15840 The range in feet for base flashing triggered by boats
BomberWarningrange 63360 The range in feet for base flashing triggered by bombers
ChangeCountryTime 0.0000 Can Always change once. Then setting takes effect.






RGB Colors
_ Kill Messages Disabled off CM SETTING: on. Disable kill messages
_Channel 1 Disabled off CM SETTING: on.Disable All Channel text
ComplainCnt 0 How many complaints are filed in [ComplainMins] before player is automatically muted
ComplainMins 0 Works with [ComplainCnt], how many complaints within this period
ComplainMutedMins 0 Time player is automatically muted for with ComplainCnt/Mins settings.
CountryBalanceScale 2.0
CountryCanFly[Bishops] on 0 = no or off amd 1 = yes or on
CountryCanFly[Knights] on
CountryCanFly[Rooks] on
DeathMaxCount 0 Max number of deaths per time period
DeathTimeMin 0 Clock cycle that begins with death. IE: DeathMaxCount=3 DeathTimeMin=15 you get 3 lives in 15 minutes. Timer starts on first death.
DownTimeMult 1 CM SETTING: 200. Multiplier for building down times
EnemyFieldPer 0.3300
EnemyMidAirsOn 1 Enemy collisions can kill
Evening 18 End of 24 hr 'day' - not sun down. The Clock jumps to 'Morning' time.






_Field Gunner


Allows Tower-out while moving

0 = no or off and 1 = yes or on

FighterWarningRange 63360 The range in feet for base flashing triggered by fighter
_Stall Limit On Allow stall limiter
_Stall Limit Off Disallow stall limiter
_Stall Limit New User off Separate setting for New users
_Precision Bombsight off Laser guided level bomber sight
_Dive Bombsight off Green divebomber practice cross
_Lead Computed Gun Sight off Target lead gunsight
_Air Show Smoke off Red and Blue wing smoke
_Formations Enabled on Bomber formations
_Country Perk Enabled off Hide perk point awards
_Country Balance Enabled off Arena balancing
_Auto Calibrate Bomb Sight on Standard MA level bomber sight
To get Old manual bomb sight) Precision Bombsight OFF

Auto Calibrate OFF

FogVisibilityMiles 10 Max view = 17. When offline testing, you can use =100.
FriendlyFieldPer 0.9000
FriendlyMidAirsOn off Friendly collisions can kill
FuelBurnRateMult 1 Fuel usage multiplier
FullIconRange 2400 Distinguish between 109f and 109g2
GroundAutoLethality[Armored] 1.0000 AI ack/flack hit damage
GroundAutoLethality[Hard] 1.0000 AI ack/flack hit damage
GroundAutoLethality[Soft] 1.0000
KillShooter on Shooting friendly, damages shooter
Locked off Closes arena to entry
ManGunnerAmmoMult 1.0000
ManuverKillRange 6000.0 Proxy kill range
MinBalanceTotal 140 Number of players before ENY kicks in
MinEnyValue 50
Morning 6 Start of 24 hr 'day' not sun up
MuteTime 3600 CM SETTING: 600. Mute time in seconds (3600=6hr) Also EJECT time out
ObjectHardnessMults[aaa] Hardness multipliers for TYPE aaa
ObjectHardnessMults[SHP] 1 CV hardness multiplier. When at 1:

AH 2.10 patch 2 - See Note at the bottom.

B-17 - 6 x 1k + 7 x 100 lbs = 6,700 lbs

Ju88 - 4 x 500 kg + 16 x 50 kg

note: kg x 2.4 = 6,720 lbs

US Torps (PT boat)

At 6 = 9 torps

At 12 = 18 torps

PerkPointsDisabled off CM SETTING: on. - Disables Perk points in the hanger
PlaneAutoAmmoMult 1.0000
PlaneGunAmmoMult 1.0000 Used in H2H to increase bullets. Set to =0 for no guns. Does not affect ordinance
PlaneGunLethality[Armored] 1.0000 Guns vs player vehicles
PlaneGunLethality[Hard] 1.0000 Guns (and manned ack) vs buildings
PlaneGunLethality[Soft] 1.0000 0.50 cal and 5" guns
PlayerResupplyTime 30 Minutes of reduced downtime
ProtectObjects off Allows player to kill his own buildings. On prevents damage from friendly ordinance on friendly targets.
RadarAlt 500 Lowest alt for radar detection
RadarMode[Bish,Knit,Rook] 0
_Full Friendly See Friendly dot all the time.
_Tower Friendly Friendly dot within Tower range
_Full Enemy See Enemy dot all the time
_Tower Enemy Enemy dot within Tower range
_Disable Friendly Bar Dar Can't see Friendly Bar Dar
_Disable Enemy Bar Dar Can't see Enemy Bar Dar
_Plane Counters Only No dot dar
_Counters above Radar When above Radar Altitude
_Range Based Counters When within Tower based range
RadarUpdateRate 5 Update seconds
RandomRotate on Country placement after reset
ResetAirFieldCnt 3 Maximum number of airfields for reset, 0 = no reset SEE ResetTotalFieldCnt
ResetPerkPoints 25
ResetTotalFieldCnt 6 Minimum number of any combination of bases for reset, 0 = no reset SEE ResetAirFieldCnt
SectorCounterAlt 0 Lowest alt for bar dar detection
SectorCounterRange 63360 Range from the radar tower
StallLimitAoA 2.0000 Max AoA below stall AoA
_ Disable Strat Supply on Convoys still run but no resupply
_Enable Capture Order off
_Can Capture None Order off
_Forced Side balance off
_Must Capture both sides off
_Hight light Not Capturable off
TaskGroupCommandCnt 1 0=CM only. Number TGs player controls
TaskGroupRespawnTime 10 Down time for CV before it respawns back to Port
TowerBasedRadarRange 63360 Sets radar circle
VehicleWarningRange 15840 The range in feet for base flashing triggered by vehicles
ViewModeFlags (external)
_External Figher off
_Exernal Bomber on
_External Ground Vehicles off
_External Boats off
_External Field Guns off
_Tower Gods Eye off
WarningFlags[Bish,Knit,Rook] Designates what triggers air raid warnings
_Fighter on
_Bomber on Base warning flags
_Ground Vehicles on
_Boats on
WeaponLethality[Armored] 1
WeaponLethality[Hard] 1 Bomb, Rocket & Torp Damages
WeaponLethality[Soft] 1

CV Note: If you use a factor of 2.2 to convert kg to lbs it's only 6,160 lbs to sink a CV. Therefore it's most likely the game code used the 2.4 figure to make the Axis bombs more powerful for CVs, no effect on other objects. Tests were done on a special terrain that allowed fast turnaround and repeated verification (i.e. stationary CV etc). If you test and have different results, make sure you are not testing your skill instead of the hardness. CA can be set in Object Hardness, at 4.0 = 11 torps.