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Check out the AvA website[edit]

In the Axis vs Allies arena, enemy Icons are off for aircraft. While there is no claim this setting is more realistic, it helps immerse a player into the challenge, not found in any other 24 hour arena, of visually identifying the enemy aircraft by shape and marking.

No Enemy Icons


The Axis v Allies (AvA) arena pits historic opponents and weapons against each other within the confines of available plane sets and maps.

The arena features weekly snapshots, open 24 hours a day. Ordinarily, setups are semi-historic WWII battles or campaigns in virtually all theaters of the war.

The Axis v Allies BBS forum will announce the current and upcoming slices of the war. When you enter the arena, check the Arena Message to view enabled weapons and to see which country represents its real-life WWII counterpart.

Feel free to post any questions you may have in the AvA forum.

Happy Hunting! Sincerely, Axis v Allies Staff

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