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Birds of Prey were started in Air Warrior in AOL around 1997. They were originally called the Knights of Justice and were started by Tiger with his c.o. Dragon. CPIDs in Air Warrior were limited to 5 spaces so the Birds of Prey went by the CPID of BOP(number)(letter)..for example BOP1A was the c.o. AND squadron leader of the 1st wing...BOP1B was second in command of that wing. All BoPs had such cpids (Falcnwng was BoP2d) and that was how we got to be called BoPs as a nickname.

We flew exclusively in the Relaxed Realism Arena 4 (RRE4) as BZ (country) until Air Warrior 2 came out where we changed our cpids to a "^" sign followed by a name...Falcnwng was ^falc and assumed command around that period of time. BoPs stayed with AW through all its changes until it ended and we moved to Aces High 1 around the year 2000 where we joined the Bishops and have stayed there since. We now have no identifier in front of our names.

Squadron Philosophy

We are a large multi-wing squad of about 90 active members who fly for fun and to support Bishop interests. Our goal is community and fun and we have a very loose command structure with one c.o. and 2 x.o.'s. Our squad night is Monday evening and it is not mandatory. There is an informal squad night on Fridays with a "happy" (read:non-hetrosexual) theme. We do not allow players under 18 in our squadron and we do not "jump" countries.


We can be found in either of the late war arenas.