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The Brewster Buffalos Squadron was originally formed in 1995 during Air Warrior's beta tests on AOL. It's creator and Commanding Officer, Rick West, is well known by his radio callsign "Buff1". The Buffalos Executive Officer "YOJ", was one of Air Warrior's most visible players, including as a forum leader in Gamestorms 'Furball' discussion group.

The primary goal of the Brewster Buffalos is to provide an enjoyable squadron atmosphere for its pilots by encouraging loyalty, comradeship, cohesive squadron tactics, and an adherence to the design concepts of Aces High as a game.

One of the most important aspects in consideration for induction into the BBs is proper conduct. Any Terms of Service (TOS) policies regarding reasonable usage of language are expected to be closely adhered to by all Buffalo Squadron members. Where TOS policies are not present, our standards are still expected to be met at all times. Excessive or crude taunting, or aggressive, inflammatory, or negative remarks while in the arenas or any other areas are also very strongly discouraged. Failure to adhere to these simple rules of conduct are sufficient grounds for immediate dismissal from the squadron.

Currently, we are not actively recruiting new members. Also, we have never accepted requests to join our squadron. Membership has always been by invitation only.

In conclusion, the Brewster Buffalos are a group of dedicated, articulate, competent, likeminded individuals with a concern for proper moral values and the desire to get the most out of an outstanding online flying experience.