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The sample cockpit below is the Aces High P-39. Cockpit layouts and gauges will vary with aircraft and country of origin. Note that gauges and indicators do not necessarily follow strict historical accuracy in appearance,function or units of measure.

Us gauges.jpg

1 - Altimeter Altitude above Mean Sea Level (MSL) in feet (all aircraft)

Large pointer x 100 feet, small or red pointer x 1,000 feet, red indicator or other window/flag x 10,000 feet

2 - Slip Indicator A slip or skid is indicated by the ball - apply rudder to center

"Step on ball," e.g. if ball is to the right, apply right rudder

3 - Remote Indicating Compass Indicates heading with compensation for compass variances

4 - Compass

5 - Artificial Horizon

6 - Airspeed Indicator in mph (all aircraft)

Pointer is Indicated Airpspeed (IAS), red marker is True Airpeed (TAS)

7 - Vertical Speed Indicator (VSI) x 1,000 feet per minute

8 - Turn and Bank Indicator

9 - Manifold Pressure Gauge Controlled by throttle

US: direct indication in inches of mercury (in. Hg) Standard Atmosphere = 29.92 in. Hg

UK: "boost" in psi above Standard Atmosphere (14.7 psi)

German: relative multiplier. One standard atmoshere = 1.0 ata (atmospheres absolute)

Japanese: direct indication in mm Hg x 10 differential from Standard Atmosphere (760 mm Hg)

10 - RPM Gauge Propeller RPM (Controlled by Numpad + and - keys)

11 - Landing Gear Indicator (Operated with g key)

Green: down

Gray: retracted

Yellow: in transit

Some include a flap position indicator

12 - Clock Shows current server time if online, adjusted time if set offline

13 - Oil Pressure Gauge

14 - Carburetor Air Temperature Gauge

15 - Combat Trim Indicator (Ctrl+x keys to toggle)

Green lamp: on

Gray lamp: off

16 - Surface Trim Indicators Position of control surface trim tabs

Rudder: j and l keys

Elevator: i and k keys

Aileron trim: m and , keys

17 - Auto-pilot Indicator

Yellow lamp: auto level (x key)

Green lamp: auto angle (Shift+x keys)

Red lamp: auto speed (Alt+x keys)

Lamp off: no autopilot engaged

18 - Beacon Connection status to server (host)

Gray: normal connection to host

Green: slight variance in connection

Yellow: connection problem exists

Red: connection about to be lost

19 - Ordnance Display Ordnance and ammunition count (Cycle secondary ordnance with Backspace key)

20 - Fuel Quantity and Tank Selection Gauge Shows quantity in currently selected tank

Automatically selects tanks for CG balance in auto mode (indicated by white tank label)

Cycle tanks for manual management (yellow tank label) with Shift+f keys

21 - Accelerometer Force of gravity (G's) on aircraft

22 - Flaps Position Indicator

Typical British cockpit gauges:

Uk gauges.jpg

Typical German cockpit gauges:

De gauges.jpg

Typical Japanese cockpit gauges:

Jp gauges.jpg