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Players in Aces High have their own unique terms and abbreviations for communicating with each other. Knowing these will make it much easier to figure out who is saying what on the text buffer or on vox.

Some of these are shortened for typing and some are for use in voice comms.

^ - up. Taking off. "^ A64" means taking off from airfield A64

* - degrees (heading) as in 270*

109- Bf 109 (aka Me109) fighter.

109E - Bf 109E-4 "Emil" fighter

109F - Bf 109F-4 "Friedrich" fighter

109G - Bf 109G-2, G-6, or G-14 "Gustav" fighter

109KBf 109K-4 fighter

12 or 12 o'clock - straight ahead

17 - B-17 "Flying Fortress" heavy bomber

190 - Fw 190 fighter

190A5 - Fw 190A-5

190A8Fw 190A-8

190D - Fw 190D-9

190FFw 190F-8

202 - Macchi C.202 fighter

205 - Macchi C.205 fighter

25 - B-25 C or H "Mitchell" medium bomber

251 - SdKfz 251 ground vehicle.

26 - B-26 "Marauder" medium bomber

3 or 3 o'clock - on the right

38 - P-38G, J, or P-38L "Lightning" fighter

39 - P-39 D or Q "Airacobra" fighter

47 - P-47D-11, D-25, D-40, or N "Thunderbolt" fighter or C-47 "Dakota" transport

5 by 5/5x5 - loud and clear

51 - P-51 "Mustang" fighter

6 or 6 o'clock - rear

666 - Danger on you 6 o'clock

88 - JU-88 medium bomber

9 or 9 o'clock - on the left

A5 - Fw 190A-5

A8 - Fw 190A-8

aa - anti-aircraft fire

aaa - anti-aircraft artillery.

a/c or ac - aircraft

ack - fixed anti-aircraft emplacement, also "AAA".

acm - air combat maneuver

afk - away from keyboard

agl - above ground level

AH - Aces High

alt - altitude

alt monkey - Pilot/style of flying that emphasizes maintaining altitude, and a BnZ fighting style

auger - crash

auto - auto-pilot

AvA - Axis vs Allies arena. Semi-historical maps and plane match-ups

away - bombs, etc have been dropped. "Troops away!"

bail - bail out of plane

bak - back at keyboard

bandit - enemy aircraft

bar-dar - the red and green bars on the radar map indicating friendly and enemy in sector, also dar-bar

BDA - Battle Damage Assesment

bh - bomber hangar

bingo - out of something (as in Bingo ammo)(IRL, bingo was out of fuel and “Winchester” was out of ammo)

bish - Bishops. One of the three countries in Aces High

bnz - Boom and Zoom, a fighter air combat tactic. See "Boom and Zoom".

bogie - an unknown aircraft in official Air Force speak, but usually means an enemy aircraft in the arena

brb - be right back

btw - by the way

Boom and Zoom - A fighter tactic, or basicaly any tactic that's on the faster end of the ACM spectrum. The most basic and common variant is repeatedly diving on and shooting at the target with as little energy loss as possible, zooming back out of reach of the target after each pass.

box - bomber formation

buff - bomber

bus - C-47 "Dakota" Transport

bzy - busy

candle lit - Carrier is on fire

cap - Combat Air Patrol. Usually means you are covering a field or enemy over field. Also used for the game mechanism that tries to balance the arenas by preventing players to join a arena past a certain number of players.

cc - confirmed, affirmative, yes (IRL, two clicks of mic button on radio means message received)

check6 - look behind you. danger behind you

c-hog - F4U-1C. Corsair equipped with 4 x 20mm Hispano cannons

con - icon. Type and range of aircraft displayed in the cockpit view . "con a B-17"

con range - within range to see an object's icon. In Aces High, 6k for planes, 3k for ground vehicles.

contact - pilot has visual contact

cv - aircraft carrier

cya - see you; as in see you later

d9 - Fw 190D-9

dar - Radar. Also used to say you have something on radar. "dar a bogie"

deack - To destroy AAA

deck - near ground level. A plane flying very low is "on the deck"

deck dive - a last ditch dive to the deck, expending all your altitude in an attempt to get a bandit off your six

ded - dead

D-hog - F4U-1D Corsair

discoed - Disconnected from game

ditch - land somewhere other than an airfield's runway

dogfight - air-to-air fighter engagement

doors open - bomb-bay doors opened

dora - Fw 190D-9

dorka - Fw 190D-9

dot - a plane visible from the cockpit but too far away to have its icon displayed.

dot dar - red and green dots on the radar map indicating actual plane positions

drag or draggin(g) - leading the enemy (usually towards friendlies)

drunks - paratroopers

dry - no ordnance / ammo

DT - drop tank

dump - disconnected from system or get rid of ordnance

dweeb - new pilot or one who does dumb things

dweebfire - Spitfire. Particularly the Spitfire Mk XVI

e - energy or east

egg(s) - bomb(s)

Emil - Bf 109E-4

EW - Early war arena. Planes up to around 1941.

f4f - F4F Wildcat fighter

f6 - F6F Hellcat fighter. Also the F6 view (bombsight view) accessed by pressing the F6 key

F8 - Fw 190F-8 fighter/bomber

feet dry - crossing the shoreline from the water side (now over land)

feet wet - crossing the shoreline from the land side (now over water)

fh - fighter hangar

field - Any discrete area on the ground, such as an airfield, vehicle base, or even kill-zone during combat; but mostly the former two.

fish – torpedo

flak - anti-aircraft fire or Flak Panzer (Ostwind or Wirbelwind)

flak panzie - Flak Panzer (Ostwind or Wirbelwind)

FM - FM2 Wildcat (a more dangerous F4F), usually used as clarification/warning

form - join a formation

fort - B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber

fp - Flak Panzer (Ostwind)

fpm - Feet Per Minute. Rate of climb is measured in feet per minute

fps - Frames per second

fr - Frame Rate

fubar - f...ed up beyond all recognition

furball - multi-ship dogfight

furballer - A type of player whos objective is to engage in air to air combat with other players, and who has little interest in the strategic war effort of the arena.

fw - Fw 190. Often followed by model; FwA4, FwD9, etc

<G> - grin

G2 - Bf 109G-2 Fighter

G6 - Bf 109G-6 Fighter

G14 - Bf 109G-14 Fighter

ga - Go Ahead (as in permission to speak)

GameID - Your name in the game. Can be up to 8 letters long.

glider - engine out

goon or gooney - C-47 "Dakota" Transport

Gustav - Bf 109G2, G6, or G14 fighters

GV - ground vehicle

hail - hello

hawg - F4U

hdg - heading

heavy - carrying bombs/rockets

Hellcat - F6F Hellcat

Hellkitty - F6F Hellcat

Hizooka - Hispano 20mm cannon

HO - head on. A nose to nose shot. Often frowned on, especially by the loser

HOie-fire - a spitfire marked as a HO, or one who's sole intent is to HO you.

hog - F4U

hold - loiter at location

hurribomber - Hurricane IIC, the only model to carry ordanance.

hvy - carrying bombs/rockets

ias - Indicated Airspeed

ib - inbound

in - pilot is engaging

in sight or in scope - bombing target visible in bomb-site

imho - in my humble opinion/in my honest opinion

j/k - just kidding

jabo - fighter/bomber; can refer to the plane or the mission.

join - join a formation

jug - P-47 "Thunderbolt" fighter

k - thousand (also used in place of okay). Meaning thousands of yards when capitalized and behind a number, e.g.: 4,500 yards ahead: "4.5K"

k4 - Bf 109K-4 fighter

Kate - B5N2 Torpedo Bomber

kilt - killed, died

kite - A6M "Zero" fighter

Knights - Knights. One of the three countries in Aces High

la-la - La-7 or (less frequently) La-5 fighter

la5 - La-5 fighter

la7 - La-7 fighter

lanc - Avro "Lancaster" heavy bomber

lancstuka - Using a Lancaster bomber as a dive bomber, often frowned upon.

lawndart - crashed

lgay - La-5 or La-7 fighter

lining up - bomber readying for bomb run

lite - no bombs

lmao - laughing my a** off

loc - location (usually a request)

log - exit game

lol - laughing out loud

m3 - M-3 halftrack capable of carrying troops or supplies

m8 - mate (as in friend) or M-8 "Greyhound" armored car

m16 - M-16 Machine Gun Carrier. M-3 with quad .50 cal machine guns for anti-aircraft work

MA - Main Arena. Usually referring to the Late War arenas

Manned Ack - 37mm guns on a field that are mannable by players. Also "Man ack" or "manack".

marker - the red or green bars on the radar map indicating plane(s) in sector. "marker in sector..."

MG - Short for "machine gun".

milkrun - unchallenged bomb run

mossie or mossy - DeHavilland "Mosquito" fighter-bomber

mp - manifold pressure. When preceded or followed by a number, it's the setting for the formation.

MW - Mid-war arena. Planes up to late '43 / early '44

n - north

neg - no, negative

nik or niki - N1K2-J "Shinden-Kai" (Violet Lightning) Fighter. Pyro hates it when you say niki!

nme – enemy

no joy - I have been unsuccessful or I do not see the bogie / bandit

newb, noob - a player who is just starting out and unfamiliar with the game. (derogatory) A player who's actions indicate they don't know what they are doing.

noe - nap of earth. Flying below radar (500' in the Main Arena)

np - no problem

on scope - bombing target visible in bomb-site

ostie - Ostwind. Panzer Mk IV chassis with 37mm flak gun

otw - on the way

out - pilot is disengaging

pad - Tarmac area where are clustered hangars.

pick - or cherry pick: Attacking an enemy already engaged with another plane

ping - a non-fatal bullet/cannon strike, a .30 caliber bullet strike

pond - large body of water

pony - P-51 "Mustang" fighter

poof - disconnecting / leaving the arena or game

pork - make base un-usable by destroying hangars, fuel, etc

porker - someone who porks a base for no reason.

prep - prepare field for capture. This term is also used heavily in regards to carrier operations.

pumpkin - B-25H 75mm HE round

pumpkin chucker - B-25H T13E1 75mm cannon

puffy ack - the exploding anti-aircraft artillery that leaves black puffs of smoke

pz - Very short hand for Panzer.

ram - mid-air collision

range - Used as a verb, it means to measure the distance to a target. Also, the local voice chat system

rgr - roger

roc - Rate Of Climb

rofl - Rolling On Floor Laughing

roflmao - ROFL my a** off

rope - tactic of enticing an enemy to follow you up and stalling under you... rope-a-dope

RPM - Revolutions per minute, refering to an engine/propeller's rotational speed.

rtb - return to base

run - depart the area at high speed

runstang - P-51

s - south

sa - situational awareness

Salvo - To fire several shots (guns, bombs, or missiles) at the same time.

sb - shore battery

flankin - tactic used in ground vehicle combat. It means to get on an opponents flanks or rear, where the armor is weaker.

scramble - take off and engage enemy from capped field

sdk - SdKfz 251 ground vehicle.

smokin(g) - damaged and trailing smoke

soft - a target (usually ground target) has been hit but not destroyed

sortie - a flight by a plane is a sortie. Two planes flying together equals 2 sorties.

spit - Spitfire (or Seafire) fighter

spit5 - Spitfire Mk V fighter

spit9 - Spitfire Mk IX fighter

spit8 – Spitfire Mk VIII fighter

spit14 – Spitfire Mk XIV fighter

spit16 – Spitfire Mk XVI fighter

spray & pray - Fire long bursts from guns in hopes of hitting something

sprayer - a pilot who expends ammo liberally

spud gun - 37 or 40mm cannon, the 30mm mk108 being a "tater gun"

squeaker - derogatory slang for a young/adolescent(though not necessarily new) player. Derived from their high-pitched voices and tendency to whine and over use the comms and forum

status - often refers to loc, alt, hdg

stick - bombs dropped at one time

TA - Training Arena. An AH arena set up for training

tally - target sighted (also "tally ho")

tanx - thanks

tater - large cannon shell, typically the 30mm cannon on the 109K-4, the 37mm's being "spuds"

tard - any person who plays like an idiot.

tardling - any child that plays like an idiot

teh - typo for "THE"

thanx - thanks

thnx - thanks

toolsheder - A type of player whos objective is to destroy strategic objects (sarcasticly refered to as "toolsheds"), with little interest in engaging in combat with other players.

tune - tune radio. "tune 177" means change channel to 177

twr - tower

ty - thank you

up - taking off (as in "up A51")

ur - you are or your

Val - D3A1 Bomber

vbase - Vehicle Base.

ventilated - "I'm ventilated", flying a shot up aircraft. Refering to the holes from machine gun and cannon fire.

vh - vehicle hangar

vis or viz - visual contact. "vis a B-17" or "vis a bogie"

vox - voice

Vox Channel - Vox_Channel

vulch - to shoot a plane as it tries to take off, or as its sitting on the rearm pad.

w – west

wb - welcome back

WEP - Wartime Emergency Power

wepping - using WEP

wife ack - phenomenon known to cause many pilots to "poof" due to incessant nagging while flying

winchester - Air Force speak for out of ammo. "Bingo" is generally used for both fuel and ammo in the arena.

Wirb - Wirbelwind

WW - Short-hand for Wirbelwind, the anti-aircraft ground vehicle.

y - Acronym for "yard", the unit of distance. e.g. Five hundred yards: "500y", often expressed as "D500".

zeke - A6M "Zero" fighter

zoom - Nearly vertical climb, usualy at relatively high speed.