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Because your computer was not originally intended to become an airplane, you'll need to do some pretending. You'll pretend that some of the buttons on your computer keyboard are switches or knobs inside the cockpit. You'll also pretend that your joystick is present inside that cockpit, that it's motions are connected to the control surfaces, and that it's buttons are wired to the most important electrical or hydraulic actuators. To facilitate all of this pretending, Aces High offers dozens of "functions" that mimic all of the fundamental operations of an airplane. Each function has a descriptive name, and each can be associated with a keyboard button, a joystick button, or a joystick motion. Within the flight simulation community, this association is known as "mapping".

Click on the link below to see several brief, highly focused video clips showing how you can map all of your keyboard keys and joystick buttons to the most important functions of Aces High: