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English post WW2 test and display pilot John Derry performed the manoeuvre at low level (claimed 50 feet) during airshows. Flying towards the crowd front centre he would roll 90 degrees left (e.g.) and turn hard 90 degrees left using elevator (with right rudder to maintain height) at which point he would continue the roll another 180 degrees through the inverted, then turn hard 180 degrees right using elevator (and left rudder to maintain height) completing the manoeuvre by flying across the crowd front from left to right (pilots' perspective) at close range and low level.

This counter-intuitive manoeuvre has been used in online air combat as a low level evasive tactic with some success, any unwary attacker attempting to follow the procedure often losing their bearings and flying into the ground. However after more than 10 years since its' introduction to online air combat the tactic has lost some of its' effectiveness.