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Dot commands are entered into the radio buffer. Anything typed into the radio buffer starting with a dot is a special command (not a normal text message).

Commands available any time[edit]

For radio and comms[edit]

.radio Number Channel (Tune a radio)
.f GameID (Find if a player is online)
.p GameID message (send a private message to a player in any arena)
.r Message (sends private reply to last player who sent private message to you *in same arena only*)
.s GameID (Salute)
.rs (Typing .rs will return a salute back to whoever saluted you last using the .s GameID dot command)
.squelch GameID
.unsquelch GameID or ALL
.report GameID (reports abusive radio text)
.vreport GameID (reports abusive radio talk/voice)
.vsquelch GameID
.vunsquelch GameID or ALL

Squad related[edit]

.sqdinvite GameID (Start a squad)
.sqdpermission GameID Permissions (See Squad Permissions below.)
.sqdeject GameID
.sqdname SquadName
.sr (your Squad Roster of online players and their arenas)


.wingman GameID (Highlights your wingman)
.jumptg TaskGroupNumber (Offline, H2H host, CM)
.showjoin (Toggles .join requests from popups to msg bar)
.accept GameID (Accepting a .join)
.decline GameID (Declining a .join)
.help (Display the full list of dot commands)

Commands available in flight only[edit]

.ef (End flight)
.speed MPH (Speed between 100 and 400 MPH)
.salvo Dropcount (Valid range between 0 and 100)
.delay TimeInSecs (Valid range between 0.05 - 1.0)
.target DistanceInYards (displays target to the north; 0 distance to turn target off)

Commands available when not in flight[edit]

.fly (SpawnPointNumber)
.country Number (1 is Bishops, 2 is Knights, 3 is Rooks)
.move Number (Number is the field number)
.handle YourHandle
.plane Number
.fuel FuelLoadIndex (The fuel load index must be from 0 to 3.)
.join GameID
.unjoin GameID
.changeid NewGameID (Only case may be changed)

Squad permissions[edit]

Permission value Permission
2 Can invite new members
4 Can change squad name
8 Can eject Squad members

Adding numbers together gives multiple permissions. Ex: If Permissions=6, GameID can invite new members and change the squad name.