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Prior to building a terrain you should check it for errors.

Checking the Terrain[edit]

Click on the terrain tab in the editing options area of the Terrain Editor. Click the "Water Not 0" button near the bottom of that area.

This checks the entire terrain to be sure that all areas of water are at 0 elevation. If there are any areas not at 0 you will receive this message:

Vertices Found

After clicking OK, the vertices that are not at 0 elevation will be highlighted in the main editing window of the Terrain Editor as shown below:

Highlighted Vertices

To correct this, set the elevation to 0 in the Terr Alt box on the terrain tab and click the Set Terr Alt button. Then click the Water Not 0 button again to continue checking the terrain. When the Terrain Editor has confirmed that all water is at 0 elevation you will receive this message:

Vertices OK

Click OK, save your terrain and restart the Terrain Editor before you proceed to checking the objects for errors.

Checking Objects[edit]

Click the Objects tab in the Editing Options Area.

Click the Obj Report button at the bottom of the Objects tab. You will be presented with this window: Object Report Window

Make sure "Check terrain for:" shows "All errors" in the dropdown box. Then click the Check Terrain button.

If there are no errors, you will see the results in the area below the Check Terrain button as shown above. If there are errors they will be listed in the same area. The most common errors are listed below.

If you have an unusually large number of errors, you might want to click the Save Full Report button. After clicking the button you will be presented with a box to name the report:

Save Report Box

Give the report a name and click OK. The report will be saved as a text file in your ../HTC/ah2editor folder. You can now open it to view or print it with any text editor.

Checking Spawn Points[edit]

Click the Objects tab in the Editing Options Area.

Click the Check Entry button at the bottom of the Objects tab.

After you click the Check Entry button, you will see what amounts to a rapid "slide show" of every spawn point on your terrain. The terrain editor is checking each spawn to be sure the slope is not to steep and if the spawn would be interfered with by an object such as a tree.

If the "slide show" stops without any explanation, it means there is a problem with the spawn in the main editing window that needs to be corrected. Check the area to be sure it is not to steep and that no trees or other objects will interfere with the spawn. Correct the problem, save the terrain, exit and restart the editor. Then run Check Entry again.

Once all spawn point errors are corrected you will be presented with this message:

Checking Complete

Common Errors[edit]

<country> do not have an HQ
All countries must have a headquarters.
<country> do not have any fields
Each country must have at least one field.
<object> is on non-flat terrain
The elevation of a portion of the terrain under the <object> is not equal to the rest of the cell(grid)
<field> has no objects
This is usually caused when you skip a field number when placing fields on the terrain.
<field> does not have a map room
All fields must have a map room, including carrier task groups.