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The 341 FACTS[edit]

The >FAFL ALSACE 341< is an AH Squad.

  • Founded: Fall 2008. Ended Beginning of 2010
  • active Members: Null
  • CO*: Flozer. Now flying with Airmen Ltd with Impaktt. But we'll be back, one day!
  • Bolin MIA (returning to Warbirds)
  • AH WIKI Maintenance: Flozer
  • Prefered side: No preferences
  • Prefered Arena: Late War-Blue or Orange, SEC events
  • Website: facebook group >FAFL ALSACE 341<

>FAFL ALSACE 341< Roster[edit]

Flozer Impakt JOIN US

A brief history overview of the FAFL ALSACE[edit]

Formed from Free French personnel at Turnhouse on 15 January 1941, who had previously been operating as a Flight in the Western Desert. It was equipped with Spitfire VBs and moved south in March, receiving Spitfire IXs for offensive sweeps over its home country.

When it moved to Perranporth in October 1942, it reverted to Mk VBs but regained Mk IXs in February 1944. In April it joined No 145 Wing of the 2nd Tactical Air Force and began preparatory operations for Operation Overlord as well as covering the landings themselves in June.

Together with the rest of the Wing, No 341 moved to France in August and supported the Allied armies during their advances, arriving in Belgium in September. The squadron remained with the Wing, except for a month's rest at Turnhouse in February 1945, as it advanced into Germany and briefly joined the occupation forces until 7 November 1945 when it gave up its aircraft and was transferred to Armée de l'Air control, ceasing to be a RAF unit.

Motto: Friendship

Aircraft of Free French Air Force (available in Aces High 2)[edit]

About the >FAFL ALSACE 341<[edit]

  • The No. 341 Squadron also known in French as Groupe de Chasse n° 3/2 "Alsace", was a Free French squadron in the RAF during World War II.
  • No. 341 Squadron was formed on 15 January 1943 at RAF Turnhouse, with personnel from the Free French Air Forces (Forces aériennes françaises libres), in particular the personnel of the Free French Flight (also known as Groupe de Chasse n°1 « Alsace » and before as Première Escadrille de Chasse (E.F.C. 1)), which had been operating in the Western Desert alongside various RAF fighter squadrons such as No. 33 and No. 73 squadron from 1940, and in that quality had earned an Ordre de la Libération on 21 June 1941. The unit was equipped with Spitfire VBs, its first commander was Squadron Leader René Mouchotte. The squadron moved to RAF Biggin Hill on 21 March 1943 and, re-equipped with Supermarine Spitfire L.F Mk.IXs, began to take part in sweeps over France. The squadron moved to Cornwall on 11 October 1943 for similar operations over Brittany, returning to Merston on 14 April 1944 to join No. 145 Wing. Pierre Clostermann experienced his first aerial combat as a wingman of S/L Mouchotte.
  • After covering the Allied landings in France in June 1944, No. 341 Squadron moved from Tangmere to Sommervieu (B8 airfield) in Normandy on 19 August and arrived in Belgium in September. Armed reconnaissance sweeps over Germany were directed mainly at enemy communications for the rest of the war, apart from a month at Turhouse during February 1945. On 27 November 1945[2], the squadron gave up its aircraft on transfer to Friedrichshaven and on the following day passed to the control of the Armée de l'Air. On the 28 May 1945 the squadron was presented with the Ordre de la Libération (Cross of Liberation).
  • The record of the FAFL over the course of the Second World War is as follows : 344 enemy aircraft shot down 46 probable 97 damaged 104 vessels sunk, set on fire or damaged hundreds of vehicles, locomotives and equipment of all kinds destroyed on all fronts.
  • Alsace fighter group Combat missions flown : 4 500. Victories : 32 enemy aircraft shot down, 4 probable, 14 damaged. Pilots : 87. Pilots killed or missing in action : 21