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  • Friday Squad Ops, Squad Operations events are Squad based, single life events setup around historical conflicts from 1938 to 1945 in all theaters of operations: Western front, Eastern front, Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Pacific. Squads are organized into two sides of the conflict, (Allied vs Axis) and compete against each other in the 3 week tour to fulfill assigned orders and bring victory to their side. Typically, during the Second Hour (after t+60) extra lives are allowed.

Brief overview

To participate in Squad Operations you must be in a squad that has registered and active in the event. You may fly as a guest in a squad for only one tour after that you are expected to join with a squad or bring in your own.

Squad Operations take place most every Friday (3 weeks on and 1 week off) in the Special Events Arena of Aces High at 11 PM US Eastern Time.

All squads need to be registered on the AH Events Site. To register you will need to supply a minimum of two contacts, squad name, and commitment level. The two contacts are usually C.O. and X.O.

Each tour squads are expected to confirm a commitment to field certain number of pilots for that tour and stay within range of two above or two below. The current squad size commitment levels are:








  • Squad C.O.'s have wide range to choose from. If a squad C.O. chose 3-5 they may show up with as little as 2 pilots and as many as 6. If a squad C.O. chose 9-11 then they could show up with as few as 8, but no more than 12.

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