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World War II aircraft
Fw 190F-8
Fw 190F-8
Variant of Fw 190
Type Fighter/attacker
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer Focke-Wulf
Crew 1
Dimensions Wing span 34'5½"
Length 29'4¼"
Height 12'11"
Internal fuel 170
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The Fw 190F-8 in World War II[edit]


Unit Deployment[edit]

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Aces High II aircraft
Fw 190F-8
Fw 190F-8
Variant of Fw 190
Type Fighter/attacker
Aces High II loadout options
Package 1 20 mm MG 151/20 250 rpg
13 mm MG 131 475 rpg
Options 12x PB1 Rockets
4x 50 Kg GP bomb
1x 250 kg GP bomb or
1x 500 kg GP bomb or
1x 300 Litre Drop tank
Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Late War
Typical perk cost 0 (Late War)
ENY value 20 (Late War)
Available on carrier no
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The Fw 190F-8 in Aces High II[edit]

If there is a plane that almost feels redundant, or maybe a bit without role, then the Fw190F-8 is likely it. It isn't a bad plane, but there are so many others that can do the same things more effectively, that the F8 finds what must be consistently around the least use, making it almost in a separate category from rare. While it may not have an attribute that stands out, it is also not really a slouch, and does offer a pretty reasonable plane in a light attack role, with a credible anti-fighter defensive ability. If anything will keep the 190F8 in the MA's, its the PB1 anti-tank rockets. The 190F8 has the capability to kill any 13 tanks in the game, even tigers, which is something few aircraft can even come close to matching.

Engine Power[edit]

Engine performance is very similar to the A8, with a sea-level speed of 349mph (WEP) / 326mph (no-WEP) which increases slowly to 370mph cruise at 19.5K. Top speed is actually around 400mph at 19K (WEP) though it is rare to hear of a 190F8 being up that high. Usually they tend to work near the ground where with WEP they can make 360mph @ 2K, which is pretty decent. You have to remember that those are all clean number though, without bombs or rockets, which the F8 always seems to be carrying. External ordinance can cost as much as 10mph/bomb (for 1K bombs). Climb rate is also very similar to the A8, 3,500ft/minute while low, decreasing to 3,000ft/minute up to 16K (all numbers WEP), about average, but at least consistent. WEP times is over 9 minutes, so you typically have lots of time at maximum power while climbing or fighting. It's amazing how 5 minutes seems like an instant while 9 minutes seems an eternity. Fuel range is exactly the same as the A8, 31 minutes on internal and an additional 14 minutes on a drop tank. Again, the fuel tank burn order seems wrong and you may want to manually empty your AUX and AFT tanks first in order to improve center of gravity. I tend to manually burn fuel in 190's, drop tank first, AFT tank down to 1/8th second, and then the Forward tank.

Aces High II Performance Charts[edit]

Fw 190F-8 speed chart Fw 190F-8 climb chart


Firepower is between the A5 and A8 with far fewer options. The gun package is not upgradable, with twin 20mm Mg151/20's in the wings (250 rounds/gun) and cowl mounted twin 13mm Mg131 with 475 rounds/gun. The cowl guns are an improvement over previous 7.9mm in effectiveness in almost every way. I find them easier to aim and more useful in almost every role. Additional guns are not an option, making the F8 less of a strafer than something like the A8. The cannons are no more effective against armoured vehicles so while you can hope to possibly disable a Panzer with guns, you are not going to blow one up. The trade-off though is that the external ordinance options are better with a single centerline station for up to a 500kg bomb and 4 wing mounted 50kg (roughly 100lb) bombs, or 12 PB1 anti-tank rockets. The PB1's use shaped chare warheads, and so have very little blast damage, but can kill any tank in the game. Most F8 experts advise using the rockets before the bomb for reasons of balancing your aircraft. The PB1's are difficult to use, requiring a direct hit. There are several gunsights floating around that show the trajectory of the rockets, allowing you to salvo 3-4 and still have a chance of hitting. As a note, don't be disapointed if you don't kill a tank with them, as its armor will do its job every once in a while.


Maneuverability is not great, though I seem to feel a little better than an A8. The F8 is no lightweight, tipping the scales at 9,849lbs, the heaviest of all 190's. That said, you also can't up-gun and overload the F8 in the same fashion as the A8 so I feel the F8 actually feels a little lighters on the controls and a slightly more responsive. Maybe if we compared each in the same configuration they might be equivalent. The F8 accelerates pretty well and has the same exceptional roll of the whole 190 family. Wing mounted bombs tend to subtract a bit from roll because of the problem of momentum near the wingtips, but still the roll rate is likely superior to any other opponent at almost any speed. The F8 also remains completely controllable right through 550mph, a realm where many other planes fail to make the grade much sooner. You may think a dive is a good escape tactic, and that can be true, but be careful of your opponent and what his top speed many be at lower levels. If he can catch you easily in top speed you may just be setting yourself up for more problems. Turn rate is not really strong, though acceptable at most speeds. The stall is quite abrupt, violent, but easily recoverable. Zoom climbs are easily controlled even at full power, and the reversal at the top is typically smooth, making for excellent BnZ type properties.

Flap speeds are 180, 160, and 140 IAS, with the last notch of flap being a whole half of the flaps' range.

Fighting in the Fw 190F-8[edit]

Offensively, there are probably a couple of thoughts on the F8 and how to properly use it. The first I'd say is to make sure you take it out when appropriate. It's not a the best 190 fighter, the A5 or D9 are much more appropriate in such a role. It is not a heavy Jabo plane, there are many others more suitable. That said, it does offer a nice rounded combination of fighter'ish performance, a large number of small bombs, and a pretty decent ground strafing package against structures or light vehicles. If you can enter the area with an advantage in altitude over enemy fighters, and light on external weapons, you may find yourself in a decent BnZ style fight where you dive, roll to help aim, fire at slightly longer ranges with your large ammunition load, climb back up quickly, and smoothly reverse at the top. The anti-structure and anti-vehicle attacks are the same format, making the style of fight fairly easy to practice. Always know your escape route, and keep vigilant attention to the situation around you, as the F8 really needs to avoid trouble as much as defend against it. You don't want to get bounced by other fighters, or get into turn-fights where you bleed off energy, instead usually trying to escape in one quick maneuver, then regaining your position in safety, before returning to continue the fight. Strangely, that is a problem with the F8, and most 190's. They have so much cannon ammunition that even in an intense fight you are unlikely to soon run out of bullets, leading to a situation where it is easy to hang around too long, often after all the other friendlies have had to go and reload.

Defensively, avoid trouble, don't try and beat it. The F8 simply struggles in most ways to easily beat other aircraft. In slow speed turn contests it is clearly inferior in every way except roll rate. This is common to all 190's but remember the F8 is one of the heaviest and has the highest wingloading. Stay as light as possible, often running low on fuel before ammunition, so that you are maximizing your maneuverability. The F8 can be a tough target to hit, small, and usually rapidly rolling while quite quick. If you find yourself in this type of defense though you are really in more trouble that you realize unless you know you can live long enough to out-run your opponent. The F8 does have upgraded armour over the A5 and also over the A8, but this only buys you a little bit of protection and isn't going to save your butt for long if someone gets in on your tail. High speed dives, especially where you throw in rapid rolls and pulls to change heading, can be very effective in order to get someone out of phase from your direction, at which time you pull out and extend before the enemy can follow. Commonly this is a Split-S style maneuver though a simple rolling 550mph dive in the almost vertical can accomplish much of the same goals. Scissors are also very effective in the F8, though always remember that scissors require very good timing, a fair amount of knowledge, and an enemy who falls for the overshoot. Even if he overshoots, the F8 won't have the instant kill power of some other 190's, so be careful, you may be slowing down the fight only to find yourself even more helpless.

Fighting against the Fw 190F-8[edit]

I could likely justify a case to say the Fw190F8 is the least dangerous 190 variant, being tied for least maneuverable, and having only reasonable firepower. Still, the F8 deserves some respect, and it can be a tough targets which seems to dart around, roll like crazy, and can require patience to engage. I'd also hasten a guess that when you see a 190F8 it is either flown be a very experienced pilot, or a totally new player, but you won't be able to tell until you merge.

Offensively, try and corner a F8 below you so you can force the fight in your favor. BnZ'ing is fine, the 190F8 is not as good a turner and is not likely able to pull nearly as tight of breaking maneuvers to avoid attacks. Sometimes you'll see F8's go almost instantly vertical and dive away, this is because they realize the problems they have with turning in the horizontal. If you can force an extended turn fight against an F8 you are likely already a long way into winning the engagement. Don't present a Head-On situation, this is another typical 190 trick, trying to make you think they are another more heavily armed version (specifically the A8). I've seen 190's do almost the opposite of the BnZ though, zooming high for their shot, reversing quickly and accelerating back down to safety. Always watch for the overshoot too, be prepared to close your throttle and use your rudder and roll to decrease speed or initiate a barrel roll style maneuver to increase your travel distance. Usually the 190 will look to suck you into a rapid overshoot which would leave you in a tough situation of having to initiate an immediate defense. The F8 is only a reasonable climber so is unlikely to easily make up an energy disadvantage, so take your time and set one up appropriately if you have the time. One last note on offense, be careful not to collide with a 190, they tend to roll so quickly you forget to notice your closure rate is too high, and might be unable to avoid a collision if you don't detect the situation soon enough.

Defensively, you should almost always be able to beat a 190 in slow speed turn-rate, though if you try and start a turn-fight and he doesn't follow then you are simply bleed energy better used otherwise. If the 190 obliges, you should be able to beat him easily in almost any AH plane (many will humiliate the F8 at slow speed turnfights). Don't try rolling maneuvers unless they are very sharp in a well rolling plane. High speed dives are also unlikely to be of much use unless you know you can stay out of guns range until you get to an altitude where you have a clear speed advantage. Often the 190F8 will catch you in the early parts of a dive, requiring your parachute to continue to the ground. Typically I won't give any sort of snapshot to a 190, ever, as the Mg151/20's, though often berated in ballistic properties, have quite good explosive properties if they hit. I won't bet on a bad shot and the F8 has the improved cowl guns that will more quickly eat you up even if the wing cannons are missing. Usually, the F8 is found quite near the ground though, so it is unusual to have one drop in from above you unless you are also near the ground. If near the ground, then you have few options anyway, trying to build speed while making defensive breaks to avoid his attacks.

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