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Germany (Aces High II Terrain)[edit]

The Germany terrain has no Country objects other then Headquarters and there supply trains.

All Cities, Factories, Citcompx and Mprcompx are assigned to fields.

Mprcompx is a customized Citcompx. See notes in Construction Details at bottom of page.

You will also see some GV entry points along the rivers (50 locations)indicating the destroyable bridges. See notes in Construction Details at bottom of page.

Terrain Details[edit]

Theater: Europe
Map size: 512
Weather: Default cloud system


Germany stratmap

Strat Details[edit]

Large Airfields: 41
Medium Airfields: 27
Small Airfields: 41
Vehicle fields: 14
Ports: 5
Task Groups: 5
Strat Zones: 3

Field Names, Location,Units and type info[edit]

A1 Rotterdam, The Netherlands City, Factories, Large Airfield

A2 Werneuchen, Germany NJGr. 10

A3 Juterbog, Germany III./JG 300 11./NJG 11

A4 BorkHeide, Germany 1./JG 300

A5 Briest, Germany STAB II./JG 7

A6 Wittstock, Germany IV./JG 300

A7 Parchim. Germany JGr. 10

A8 Greifswald, Germany IV./ NJG 5

A9 Sachau, Germany IV./JG 54

A10 Finsterwalde, Germany I./ JG 301

A11 Welzow, Germany STAB II./JG 301

A12 Grossenhain, Germany II./ ZG 75

A12 Dresden, Germany 3 & 4 MPR Complex

A13 Alteno, Germany III./JG 301

A14 Brandis, Germany JG 400

A14 Leipzig, Germany City, Factories

A15 Lobnitz, Germany II./JG 300

A16 Alberstedt, Germany II./ JG 3

A17 Lubeck-Blankensee, Germany Stab III./NJG 5

A18 Kaltienkirchen, Germany I./ JG7

A19 Stade, Germany Stab III./ JG 3

Hamburg, Germany MPR Complex

A20 Jever, Germany IV./NJG 3

A21 Marx, Germany III./ NJG 2

A22 Vechta, Germany Kdo./II./ NJG2 & I./ NJG4

A23 Furstenau, Germany I./ JG 26

A24 Eelde, Netherlands II./NJG 2

A25 Twenthe, Netherlands STAB I./NJG 2

A26 Nordhorn, Germany II./ JG 26

A27 Hopsten, Germany II./ JG 27

A28 Hesepe, Germmany III./ JG 27

A29 Plantlunne, Germay III./ JG 26

A30 Achmer, Germany IV./ JG 27

A31 Rheine, Germany Stab I./NJG 2

A32 Gutersloh, Germany II./ NJG 4

A33 Munster-Handorf, Germay I./ NJG 1

A34 Herzebrock, Germany STAB./NJG 4

A35 Lippspringe, Germany Kdo II./ NJG 4

A36 Paderborn, Germany III./ NJG 4

A37 Stormede, Germany III./NJG 1

A38 Werl, Germany Kdo.II./NJG 1

A39 Dortmund, Germany Stab+ IV./ NJG 1

A40 Bonninghardt, Germany Kdo.III./NJG 1

A41 Krefeld, Germany Kdo.III./NJG 1

A42 Dusseldorf, Germany II./NJG 1 MPR Compx

A43 Bonn, Germany I./NJG 11 MPR Compx

A44 Nidda, Germany II./ JG 2

A45 Merzhausen, Germany I./JG 2, City, Bridge

A46 Frankfurt, Germany III./ JG 2 MPR Compx

A47 Kirrlach, Germany III./JG 53, Bridge

Kudwigshafen, Germany, City, Factories, Bridge

A48 Giebelstadt, Germany Stab + I./KG (J)54

A49 Kitzingen, Germany Stab / NJG6

A50 Schwabisch Hall, Germany II./NJG 6

A51 Groszsachsenheim, Germany I./ NJG 6

Stuttgart,Germany City and Factories

A52 Malmsheim, Germany II./ JG 53

A53 St-Echierdingen, Germany IV./ JG53

A54 Hailtingen, Germany Kdo I./ NJG 6

A55 Neubiberg, Germany IV./ NJG 6

Munich, Germany MPR Complex

A56 Antwerp, Belgium MPR Complex Large Airfield

A57 Brussels, Belgium MPR Complex Large Airfield

A58 Berlin, Germany MPR Complex

A59 Lille, France Factories Large Airfield

A60 The Hague, The Netherlands City Factories Large Airfield

A61 Amsterdam, The Netherlands MPR Complex Large Airfield

V62 Essen, Germany Factories Vehicle Base

V63 V2 Rocket Project Factories Vehicle Base

P64 Emden, Germany U Boat

P65 Wilheimshaven, Germany U Boat

V66 Bremen, Germany Factories Vehicle Base

P67 Flensburg, Germany U Boat, City

P68 Kiel, Germany U Boat, Factories

A69 Hannover, Germany Medium Airfield, City

V70 Brunswick, Germany Vehicle Base, Factories

V71 Magdeburg, Germany Vehicle Base, Factories

A72 Kassel, Germany Large Airfield, City, Factories

P73 Rostock, Germany Port, City complex

A74 Peenemunde, Germany Small airfield, Factories

CV75 assigned to P64

CV76 assigned to P65

CV77 assigned to P67

CV78 assigned to P68

CV79 assigned to P73

A80 Politz, Poland Medium Airfield, Fuel Factories

A81 Gotha, Germany Vehicle Base, Factories

A82Schweinfurt, Germany Vehicle Base, factories, City

A83 Nuremberg, Germany Large Airfield and MPR Complex

V84 Regensburg, Germany Vehicle Field, factories

V85 Saarbrucken, Germany Vehicle Base, City and Factories

V86 Chemnitz, Germany Vehicle base, City and Factory

A87 Prague, Czechoslovakia Large Airfield and MPR Complex

A88 Linz, Austria Large Airfield

A89 Moosbierbaum, Austria Medium Airfield

A90 Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic Medium Airfield

A91 Tabor, Czech Republic Medium Airfield

A92 Liberec Czech Republic Medium Airfield

A93 Zary Poland Medium Airfield

A94 Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland Large Airfield, City

A95 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Large airfield, City

A96 Reims, France Large Airfield, City

A97 Troyes, France Large Airfield

A98 Juterbog, Germany Small Airfield

A99 Strasbourg, France Large Airfield, City, Bridge

A100 Wesel, Germany Vehicle Field, City, Bridge

A101 Remagen, Germany Vehicle Field, City, Bridge

A102 Arnhem, Holland Small Airfield, City, Bridge

A103 Nijmegen, Holland Vehicle Field, City

A104 Eindhoven, Holland Medium Airfield, City

A105 thru A108 added to Rooks for country field balance.

A109 3,11,8 Large Airfiedl, AAA, Ammo and Troop Factories

A110 4,10,7 Small Airfield, AAA, Fuel, and Radar Factories

A111 3,10,5 Medium Airfield, Ammo, Troop and Fuel Factories

A112 2,11,5 Medium Airfield, Fuel and Radar Factories

A113 2,10,3Small Airfield AAA, Ammo and Troop Factories

A114 4,9,8 Large Airfield, AAA, Ammo and Radar Factories

A115 3,9,1 Large Airfield, Troop, Fuel and Troop Factories

A116 1,8,6 Medium Airfield, AAA, Ammo, Fuel and Radar Factories

A117 4,8,4 Medium Airfield, AAA, Ammo, Fuel and Radar Factories

A118 4,8,3 Small Airfield, AAA, Ammo and Troop Factories

A119 2,7,8 Large Airfield AAA, Ammo and Radar Factories

A120 5,7,3 Medium Airfield Troop, Radar and Fuel Factories

A121 3,7,1 Large Airfield, AAA, Ammo and Troop Factories

A122 4,7,3 Small Airfield, Troop, Fuel, Radar Factories

A123 5,5,9 Small Airfield, AAA, Ammo and Troop Factories

A124 5,4,8 Large Airfield, AAA, Fuel and Radar Factories

A125 5,3,7 Large Airfield, Ammo, Fuel and Radar Factories

A126 7,15,5 Small Airfield, AAA, Ammo and Troop Factories

A127 5,14,5 Medium Airfield, AAA, Fuel and Radar Factories

A128 4,13,8 Large Airfield, Fuel, Troops and Radar Factories

A129 4,13,4 Small Airfield, AAA, Ammo and Troop Factories

A130 10,14,4 Medium Field, Fuel, Fuel and Radar Factories

A131 9,13,7 Large Airfield, AAA, Ammo and Troop Factories

A132 6,10,6 Small Airfield, Fuel, Radar and Radar Factories

A133 7,9,4 Medium Airfield, AAA, Ammo and Troop Factories

A134 10,8,7 Large Airfield, Fuel, Radar and AAA Factories

A135 9,7,2 Small Airfield, AAA, Ammo and Fuel Factories

A136 9,5,9 Medium Airfield AAA, Fuel and Radar Factories

A137 10,5,5 Large Airfield Ammo, Fuel and Radar Factories

A138 8, 6, 5 Vehicle Field, City, Radar, AAA, Troop Factories

Location of Bridges on the Rhine River[edit]

A1 2, 12, 4 – 2, 12, 5 - 2, 12, 6 Long destroyable bridge

A109 3, 12, 7 – 3, 12, 8 - 3, 12, 9 Long destroyable bridge

A103 4, 12, 4 – 4, 12, 6 Long destroyable bridge

A102 4, 12, 8 Long destroyable bridge

V100 5, 12, 1 – 5, 11, 7 Long destroyable bridge

A40 5, 11, 6 Long destroyable bridge

V62 5, 11, 3, 7 Long destroyable bridge

A41 5, 11, 3, 2 – 5, 10, 9, 6 Long destroyable bridge

A42 5, 10, 9, 3 – 6, 12, 4 Long destroyable bridge

A43 6, 9, 7 – 6, 9, 5 – 6, 9, 3 Long destroyable bridge

V101 7, 8, 7 – 7, 8, 5 – 7, 8, 2 Long destroyable bridge

A46 7, 7, 8 – 8, 7, 7 – 8, 7, 9, 4 & 6 Long destroyable bridge

A135 9, 7, 5 – 10, 7, 1 Short destroyable bridge

A48 10, 7, 5 – 10, 7, 3 Short destroyable bridge

A49 11, 7, 1 Short destroyable bridge

V82 11, 7, 8 – 11, 7, 9 – 12, 7, 4 Short destroyable bridge

V83 12, 7, 2 – 12, 6, 5 Short destroyable bridge

V138 8, 7, 2 – 8, 6, 5 – 8, 5, 8 Long destroyable bridge

A47 8, 5, 5 – 8, 5, 2 Long destroyable bridge

A99 7, 4, 6 – 7, 3, 8 Long destroyable bridge

A45 7, 2, 5 – 7, 1, 7 Long destroyable bridge

Location of Bridge on the Scheldt River

A56 2, 10, 7 – 2, 10, 5 Long destroyable bridge

A57 2, 10, 1 Long destroyable bridge

A57 2, 9, 8 Short destroyable bridge

Location of Bridges on Elbe River

A19 11, 16, 4 – 11, 16, 6 Short destroyable bridge

Construction Details[edit]

Terrain Builder[edit]

  • CM Terrain Team

Custom Objects[edit]

  • Custom City Complex is now the Map Room Complex

Mprcompx is a customized Citcompx. It has a map room and thus takes the place of the town,

It has 4 additional man able guns and 5 auto guns all in the center island for a total of 37.

Also there are 4 17pdr's added to this complex and placed on the shore of the center island with the capabilities of targeting GV's crossing a number of bridges.

The buildings on the island are designated “town” buildings. They are grouped together in blocks(82 blocks total).

All the Blocks (82) and the ground guns must be destroyed before it can be captured.

There is one sub tile of buildings that is designated “city” this was done so that the “C” icon will show on the clipboard map.

These buildings, if not destroyed, do not interfere with capture.

Ports are standard and have their own map room. P73, Rostock, has a citcompx assigned

GV entpnt in and around Mprcompx are to aid in the capture of and promote GV battles within the compx.

You will also see some GV entpnts along the rivers (50 locations). At these locations are destroyable bridges (listed below by river). There are 2 lengths to accommodate the different widths of the rivers. The longer one has two portions in the center that will destroy and the shorter has 1. Both will show in the logs as structure and their hardness can be adjusted in the object hardness. The drawback is all structures hardness will change.

Reskinned Default Vehicle Textures[edit]

  • None

Easter Eggs[edit]

There are no known Easter Eggs on this terrain.

Known Bugs[edit]

There are no known bugs on this terrain.

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