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Download and install[edit]

The AH Mission Editor is delivered with your download of Aces High. It can be found in the directory where you have Aces High installed on your PC. The file name for the Mission Editor is ahedmiss. A help file of the same name is also included.

Change log[edit]

Version 0.80 patch 2 has the following changes:

  • The Weapons Loadout popup window on the Flight Properties dialog now pops up completely within the ME window bounds and has a title bar to enable moving it around.
  • If you use the Move Waypoints option off the Routes properties you no longer have to Fill Segment to End and Calculate for the affected segments.
  • If a mission is running and you have a flight highlighted, the View Selected button will change your view to follow the flight.
  • The Z Offset now works in the Flight Properties.
  • The P47D-25 unit now has the correct plane.

See also[edit]

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