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World War II aircraft
He 111H
Type Medium Bomber
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer Heinkel Flugzeugwerke
Crew Five Crew
Dimensions Wing span 74 ft 1.75 in (22.6m)
Length 53 ft. 9.5 in (19.4m)
Height 13 ft. 1.5 in (4m)
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The He 111H in World War II[edit]


Unit Deployment[edit]

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Aces High II aircraft
He 111H
He 111H
Type Bomber
Country of origin Germany
Aces High II loadout options
Package 1 2X 20mm MG FF
4X 7.9mm MG 15
Package 2 1X 20mm MG FF
5X 7.9mm MG 15
Package 3 6X 7.9mm MG 15
Options 2X F5B Torpedos
1X 1800kg HC Bomb
2X 1000kg GP Bomb
1X 1000kg GP Bomb and 1X 835 Liter Bomb Bay Tank
2X 500kg GP Bombs and 1X 835 Lite Bomb Bay Tank
8X 250kg GP Bombs
32X 50kg GP Bombs
Aces High II Main Arenas
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The He 111H in Aces High II[edit]

Engine Power[edit]

Aces High II Performance Charts[edit]

In Game Test Data
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HE-111H speed chart HE-111H climb chart


It carries a pretty good and varied bomb load, but the defensive guns are underpowered for a plane this size.

If you look in the hangar, there are four different options for guns, while there are only three listed here in the database. In the hangar, the second and third options are identical, which can be confusing. The difference is that the amount of ammo carried by two of the guns is different between the two options.


Turning is phenomenal. Flying it is like butter. It feels light and nimble, much more so than any other bomber. That being said, it's definitely no speed demon, and the climb leaves a lot to be desired above 10k.

Fighting in the He 111H[edit]

The He111 was a great bomber, seriously. The problem is that in AH the He111 has to fend off fighters it normally didn't have to deal with (think Spit I vs Spit 16, or Yak 7B vs La7, or even P40C/E vs P51D). In the early stages of WWII, it had to fend off enemy fighters of less caliber (no pun intended) than it sees in AH on a regular basis. Plus, it usually had a swarm of 109's providing escort.

It's defensive armament is weak where it matters consisting mostly of 7.92mm machine guns. There is the option to add a couple of MGFF 20mms, one in the nose and another forward facing in the ventral gondola, however the guns ballistic properties and rate of fire are poor. Taking the 20mm package might protect you from attacks coming from your low 8 to 2 O'clock area, but you are very vulnerable from every other angle.

If you are attacked, try to keep your formation together, and not lose your drones. The enemy fighter is likely to end up coming in on your six o'clock, where you can concentrate the fire from all three bombers by using your "N" key to fire your guns. Its recommended you don't shoot until your opponent is at most 400 out, and when you do aim for the canopy, the 7.92mm is a small round, but the guns can put a lot down range and a PW or pilot kill is very possible.

Fighting against the He 111H[edit]

Fighting against the HE111 is pretty simple, Don't sit on his 6'oclock, but even then you can probably get away with it.

Thanks for Glzsqd, SmokinLoon, and Serenity for their input.

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