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The Hired Guns of Aces High II[edit]

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Mission Statement[edit]

The Hired Guns squad of Aces High II is a WWII, flight simulator, virtual pilot squadron flying in the online WWII simulator game Aces High II. We are a group of "Old Hands" in the aviation gaming community, and in aviation genre of internet gaming in general.

Many of our pilots have been virtual flying in excess of 10 years and our experience shows in our success. The plane sets and realistic flight parameters of Aces High II allows up to perform with the truest realism in the virtual air combat world of the fighter and bomber pilot. Aces High II is as close as you can get to experiencing the realism of air combat as that experienced by the real veteran pilots of World War II.

Come join us on our missions and experience what it was really like to fight and fly with experience and skill of a long standing group of "Aces". If you think you have what it takes to be a Hired Gun of Aces High II, fill out an application for membership.

Join us as we move forward in the realm of air combat in Aces High II!

We are the Hired Guns of Aces High II

Our History[edit]

The Hired Guns was formed in July of 1997 and officially commissioned the following November. The founder and first Commanding Officer was "DUI". DUI's intention was to create a squadron which is based on unity, direction of purpose, and fighter/bomber flying action. His original concept for this was formulated through his past experiences serving in various other squadrons, in numerous flight simulator games. DUI realized he needed to create an environment where he and other squad members could grow as a team, and he was sure that other pilots in the games felt the same way as he did. So were the humble beginnings of The Hired Guns.

The founding members (Plank Owners, as they are called in the US Navy) consisted of DUI, Wsky, Maxco, Moley, Ace, and Founder. As the squadron was newly formed, and its members not completely familiar with one another, this band of brothers' initial motivation was merely to survive air battles and be flying bounty hunters for other squads (hence our name "Hired Guns"). The "Squadron Attitude" that developed, and remains prevalent to this day, was derived almost entirely from the personal attitudes of the founding Plank-Owner members. This period of HG History is when the Hired Guns first made a name for itself in the gaming community. HG was widely known for being a formidable, decisive, and beer-thirsty bunch.

In the fall of 1998 DUI was required elsewhere and took a Leave-of-Absence from the Hired Guns. A change of command soon followed, and "Epi", short for Epistaxis (a medical term for a severe nose bleed), took command of The Hired Guns. True to the originators intentions, the essence of the squadrons personality persisted. In January 1999 DUI returned from his leave, and command wa relinquished once again to DUI to continue as Commanding Officer. Epi did not go far, as he assumed the Executive Officer position.

In December 2000 a major shift in HG history began. Our beloved game Air Warriors® was sold to EA.com, Inc.. The new owners decided that Air Warriors® was not generating enough revenue, and subsequently discontinued the game. The Hired Guns were stricken. We no longer had a flying arena to call home. Simultaneously, the members of HG tried AcesHigh® and FighterAce® (FighterAce® was then still in the Beta-1 testing stage). Flying each game for a period of time, some members decided to fly AcesHigh®, while others chose to fly FighterAce®. This was the second turning point for the Hired Guns Squadron, duplicity! Now we would be known, and respected, in two flight simulator arenas.

Today the squadron maintains a presence in both games, both divisions continue to follow similar standards and principles, as established by the founding members in 1997. Historically the squadron has ranked among the top squadron in both Fighter and Bomber Scores. Score though, is not what the squadron strives toward.

The squadron has continued to grow due not to the country or side for which we fly, but the long-standing belief that unity and teamwork win battles and gain ground. The squadron is made up of many personalities and individuals, but we are all determined that we are here for the pleasure of each others company , that we each are a leader in our own right, and we all fly for his or her own enjoyment. We fly for fun, each others company, and the Squadron.

The combined experiences of those who came before us continues to be the keystone of our squadron personality, our training, our tactics, and our camaraderie. All of this derives from the foundations laid so long ago. For those that follow, the same principles will be their foundations as well, and our future will forever be effected by this. What the squad stood for in the beginning, will always remain the pillar of our longevity and will be the same characteristics that attract new members in the future.

The Beginning of a New Chapter[edit]

As the newest chapter of this lost history unfolds in the year of our Lord 2006, several members seceded from the Hired Guns of FighterAce as well as the game of FighterAce itself. We have officially and independently established "The Hired Guns of Aces High II" so as to maintain and preserve the original intentions of the squadron, thereby maintaining the rightful legacy in Aces High II.

The Plank owners: 3Lips, KC, Ceech, lazydog2, and HGdan bring the all new "Hired Guns of Aces High II" back to life in the game of Aces High. Come join us in the skies ofAces High, which takes the art and science of vintage WWII air combat, and sets it in an online, high intensity environment, where hundreds of players from all over the world can battle it out with and against each other. High fidelity air combat is the heart of Aces High, but it doesn't end there. In addition to flying a multitude of aircraft types, players can also man vehicles, boats, tanks, amphibs, gun batteries, and ships. It's the most diverse virtual arsenal available to players in this game genre, and it's constantly growing through frequent updates. In the air, on the land, and at sea; the battle rages 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with participants from around the world.

Our Members[edit]

3Lips C.O.

lazydog2 X.O.














Where to Find Us[edit]

We are typically in the Mid War arena of Aces High II and typically are flying for the Knights country. However, we sometimes jump over to Early War, and the Late War Arenas. We have squad members on at all different times of the day, but usually between 1700 - 2300 Eastern Time.

We also usually fly the Friday Night Squad Operations Events in the Special Events Arena with the 325th Checkertails VFG.


Come check out our website for information about the squad, its members, downloads, galleries, membership applications, and more.