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Japan (Aces High II Terrain)[edit]

This terrain replaces the old japan1 terrain.

Terrain was rebuilt on March 2011. Terrain does not have any custom objects or tiles but the terrain does have several air spawns.

Terrain Details[edit]

Theater: Pacific
Map size: 512
Weather: Default cloud system


Japan stratmap

Strat Details[edit]

Vehicle fields:
Task Groups:
Strat Zones:
AAA Factories:
Radar Factories:
Troop Training Facilities:
Oil Refineries:
Ammo Factories:

Construction Details[edit]

Terrain Builder[edit]

  • CM Terrain Team

Custom Objects[edit]

Reskinned Default Vehicle Textures[edit]

  • --
  • --

Easter Eggs[edit]

There are no known Easter Eggs on this terrain.

Known Bugs[edit]

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