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This article is about the Player with the callsign jing0

Personal Data[edit]

  • Year of Birth: 1983
  • Gender: male
  • Country: UK
  • City: Chester
  • Occupation: Sales agent
  • Interests: wargaming, railway modeling, reading, drinking.

Pilot Data[edit]

  • Callsign: jing0
  • Squad: PARROTS
  • Prefered Planes:Hurricane
  • WarBirds since: A few months in 2007
  • AH since: early 2007
  • System: a cheap pc that goes by the name of "AARRGGHHH!!! Work You B***H!"
  • Prefered Joystick: Logitech Extreme 3d pro (not really prefered as such...just happens to be the one I use...)
  • Real Life Flight Experience: I saw a plane once.

About jing0[edit]

Erm.....I like scotch, bacon butties and fixing things.

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