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The ~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~ are an AH Squad.

~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~ FACTS[edit]

Loose Deuce Logo v1.png
  • Founded: 2008
  • active Members: 25
  • CO: dhyran
  • XO: gathoo
  • Liaison officer for players in the US timezones: Trogdor
  • Scenario Manager: TBA
  • AH WIKI Maintenance: dhyran
  • Prefered Gameplay, Wingman Tactics, flying together as a band of brothers
  • Prefered side: Rooks, The LD changed sides every 3 Month for one year, we found our Home at the rooks side
  • Prefered Arena: Late War-Blue or Orange, Mid War Arena and SEC events
  • Website: ~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~ Squadron
  • To join us, ask here: join@loose-deuce.net

~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~ Roster[edit]

dhyran - gathoo - Schu - Save - Strat - 4brkfast - 8Spade - ntrudr - redeye4 - Zebrator - Geist - Wixxer - Leon - texMurph - deckard8 - CR2008 - Lynnux - KC - Trogdor - Borgoo - MrRulo - gunhog - Gunas - KAZZZ

About the ~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~[edit]

Welcome to the ~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~ Squadron

Loose Deuce Logo v111.jpg

An Aces High Figther Squadron, based on wingtactical flying, is established for experienced pilots, who will find a lot good wingmen within the squadron.

When many people think about flying in "wings" (two or fourship formations), they are thinking in terms of what Shaw calls the "fighting wing" doctrine. The leader is the primary offensive unit of the section and is the one doing all the attacking. It is the wingman's job to stay with the leader, and protect him by preventing bandits from saddling up on him while he's fighting. The leader does almost all of the fighting, and the wingman simply tries to stay with him.

Fighting wing doctrine, also called "welded wing", was used once, when an ace as the winglead showed a freshman the ropes.

In Opposition to a "welded wing", Shaw introduced another wing doctrine, which he called the "double attack" doctrine. This is basically a system whereby each of the two section members provides support to the other, but neither one is bound into the leader/follower paradigm. They are both offensive units, and both are generally free to maneouver as the circumstances demand, each one covering the other. This does not mean, that the section disintegrates upon contact with the enemy - its stays together, but in a looser fashion than "welded wing" would dictate, and the roles of primary attacker and supporter may change back and forth, depending upon, who has the best shooting solution. This doctrine is sometimes referred to as the "loose deuce" system. While "welded wing" historically was a doctrin, where an "Ace" leads a "Freshman" into the fight, "loose deuce" is based on to a trustworthy relationship between "Aces".

We are going on the runway together, fly in formation into the battle, fight and always keep an eye on your wingman, fianally returning together to base. If you do the same thing, then you're using "loose deuce" wingman tactics right now, whether you know it or not. You watch others get engaged, and if they get in trouble, you can often help them by swooping down and nailing the bandit. You can nail bandits, which they are dragging. That's basically what "loose deuce" is - only when you are doing it with a dedicated wingman, it is even more effective than the impromptu wingmen you get in the arena. Being in a different tactical situation than your wingman gives you a good chance to make a good shot at the enemy.

Flying "loose deuce" allows both members of the section to act offensively and to come home with their fair share of kills - and there is no better reason for flying "loose deuce" than that.

If there would be a great many wings, flying and fighting "loose deuce" together, can you imagine that?

If you can, join the ∼<<∼Loose Deuce∼>>∼ Squadron!

Send an Email to info@loose-deuce.net

code of conduct[edit]

  1. Wing participation is not mandatory, never the less; Wing participation should be preffered and requests for participation are to be answered at all times. On Squadron Nights all ~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~ Pilots flys together.
  2. Every Loose Deuce Pilot reports in via TeamSpeak in order to facilitate communication and coordination of Wings and Formation Flying in flight.
  3. To become a Loose Deuce Member you have to be 21 years or older and A Kill/Death Ratio of 1 and more is mandatory. Everybody will provide maximum assistance best to his abilities that will mainly apply towards newbie’s. We will never assault any player neither another Loose Deuce nor a stranger in public. Differences of opinion will be dealt with in private (i.e. by e-mail) never in public. If a member of the Loose Deuce is repeatedly attracting attention by means of inappropriate postings of insulting contents expulsion from the squadron might be a consequence
  4. Each 3 Month the ~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~ Squadron are changing sides from Bishop to Knights and Rooks.
  5. Cheating or just the attempt of cheating will result in immediate and irrevocable expulsion of the person accused from the squadron. Enemy pilots rescuing themselves by means of parachute will not be attacked under any circumstances. Members of the ~<<~Loose Deuce~>>~ refrain from any unfair methods. Gaming the Game is not allowed!
  6. You never walk alone, even when you are returning to base. Every member will take care of the save returning to base of other members.