Low yo-yo

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Another combat situation which can arise is a stalemate in either a tail chase or a turning match. To break the stalemate, a low-speed yoyo is used. This is based on the age-old concept of trading height for speed. If a pursuer finds that he is unable to close to within shooting range in straight flight, he can gain extra speed in a shallow dive. This will allow him to close the horizontal distance and takes him into his opponent's blind spot at six o'clock low. When a suitable position and overtaking speed have been attained, the pursuer can pull up and attack. The counter? Keep a good lookout behind!

The most widely used variant of the low speed yoyo is used in a turning fight to break a stalemate caused by lack of overtake. Dropping his nose to the inside of the turn, the pursuer can cut across the circle

Low speed yoyo.jpg