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WWII Vehicle

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The M8 in World War II[edit]


The M8 was devolped as a fast tank destroyer to replace the M6 37mm gun motor carriage.However it was discovered that the gun was inadequate against the frontal armour of German tanks,so it was to take on the reconnaissance role instead.Prototypes were submitted by Studebaker(T21),Ford(T22),also Chrysler(T23).It was in production from Early 1942 and remained in production until June,1945. A total of 8,520 were built.

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Aces High II Vehicle

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Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Early War
Typical perk cost 0 (Late War)
ENY value 40 (Late War)
Available on carrier no
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The M8 in Aces High II[edit]