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World War II aircraft
Me 410
Me 410
Variant of Me 210
Nicknames Hornisse, Hornet
Type Heavy Fighter/Zerstörer
Country of origin Germany
Manufacturer Messerschmitt
Crew 2
Dimensions Wing span 53.6'7" (16.34 m)
Length 41'2.4" (12.56 m)
Height 12'14" (3.7 m)
Internal fuel 639 US gallons
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The Me 410 in World War II[edit]


A product of an ongoing attempt to correct serious instability issues inherent in the Me 210, a decision was made to introduce a "new" aircraft model as opposed to simply producing a variant; so universally loathed by the Luftwaffe was the Me 210. The result: The Me 410 Hornisse, or Hornet.

The most significant change in design between the two aircraft was the introduction of the Daimler-Benz DB 603A engines, offering a significant increase in horsepower over the DB 601s and 605s utilized by the Me 210. The new power plants increased maximum speed, greatly improved the rate of climb, expanded the aircraft's service ceiling, and provided a much needed boost to cruising speed.

The much needed increase in power afforded the Me 410 with a far greater variety and amount of ordnance than its predecessor. A weapons bay under the nose was capable of carrying the devastating Bordkanone BK 5 50mm cannon (mounted on the Me 410 A-1/U4), intended to defeat the highly effective combat box formation employed by the USAAF.

Although it enjoyed some success as a daylight zerstörer, the Me 410 quickly fell prey to the nemesis of all heavy German fighters: nimble, single engine Allied fighter craft.

The Me 410's front line service was relatively short-lived, as it was introduced in mid-1943, and relegated to a supporting role from the summer of 1944 onward.

1189 Me 410 of all variants were built.

Unit Deployment[edit]

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Aces High II aircraft
Me 410
Variant of Me 210
Type Heavy Fighter
Crew Two
Aces High II loadout options
Package 1 2x 20mm MG 151/20, 350 rpg
2x 13mm MG 131, 600 rpg
2x 13mm MG 131, 500 rpg
Package 2 2x 20mm MG 151/20, 350 rpg
2x 7.9mm MG 17, 1000 rpg
2x 13mm MG 131, 500 rpg
Options 1x 50mm BK 5, 22 rpg (in bomb bay) or,
2x 30mm MK 103, 100 rpg (in bomb bay) or,
4x 20mm MG 151/20, 200 rpg (in bomb bay) or,
2x 20mm MG 151/20, 300 rpg (in bomb bay) or,
1x 500kg bomb or,
2x 250kg bomb
2x 300 liter drop tanks (wing mount) or,
4x WGr 21 Rockets (wing mount)
Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Mid War
Typical perk cost 0 (Late War)
ENY value X (Late War)
Available on carrier no
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The Me 410 in Aces High II[edit]

Engine Power[edit]

Aces High II Performance Charts[edit]

Me 410 speed chart Me 410 climb chart


Amongst the very top end of the forward arc firepower curve in Aces High, the Me 410 can pack a variety of punches; all of them deadly. The tight packaging centered in the nose area means the business end of a Hornet is the last place anyone wants to find themselves.

Starting off with a solid base of both twin MG 151/20 cannons and twin MG 131 machine guns (which can be swapped out for two MG 17 7.92mm guns should you so desire), the forward under-nose bomb bay can be fitted with some staggering firepower. The flexibility afforded to the pilot does not compromise available firepower.

The unique and devastating BK 5 50mm cannon, second in hitting power only to the 75mm equipped B-25H but with far better ballistics, gives an accurate pilot annihilating firepower at extreme distances, well beyond the effective firing range of defensive gun positions. While the BK 5 has only 22 rounds in its magazine, each one has the potential to kill anything in the sky (and many ground vehicles as well, for that matter).

The next option mounts twin MK 103 30mm cannons, each equipped with 100 rounds. While many find the allure of the 50mm BK 5 irresistible, do not dismiss the MK 103s out of hand. The BK 5 is more than overkill for all but the heaviest airborne threats, and the twin MK 103 option can actually deliver more damage in the same period of firing time. With a total of 200 30mm rounds, this is one of the heaviest hitting gun packages available in the game.

As it brings the total to 6, the option to mount FOUR additional MG 151/20 20mm cannons provides a pilot with the ability to unleash an absolutely devastating volley of fire at medium to close range targets. With a combined total of 1,500 20mm cannon shells at the pilots disposal, this gun package will make short work of any aircraft, light vehicle, or light structure in record time. Having the same ballistic behavior across the entire primary weapon set also allows the pilot to focus on a single trajectory of fire.

The last option for the bomb bay gun stores is an alternate load-out of 2 MG 151/20mm cannons, with 300 rounds per gun instead of the 200 rounds provided with each gun in the 4 gun package noted above.

Rounding out the crafts projectile armament options are 2 rearward firing MG 131 13mm machine guns with 500 rounds each.

The Hornet, with its exceptional forward and downward visibility afforded by the glass nose, can also be used to bomb effectively. While to do so one gives up the firepower of the bomb bay mountable gun packages, the Me 410 can carry either one 500kg bomb or two 250kg bombs.

Lastly, one may opt to mount either two 300 liter fuel tanks or 4 WGr 21 rockets on underwing racks.


Fighting in the Me 410[edit]

Fighting against the Me 410[edit]

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