Mosquito Mk XVI

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World War II aircraft
Mosquito Mk XVI
Mosquito Mk XVI
Nickname Mossie Bomber
Type Bomber
Country of origin United Kingdom
Manufacturer de Havilland
Crew Two crew
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The Mosquito Mk XVI in World War II[edit]


Unit Deployment[edit]

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Aces High II aircraft
Mosquito Mk XVI
Aces High II loadout options
Options Wing points
2 X 500 lb GP bombs or
2 X 100 gal drop tanks or
2 X 50 gal drop tanks
Bomb bay
1 X 4000 lb HC bomb "cookie" or
4 X 500 lb GP bombs
Aces High II Main Arenas
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The Mosquito Mk XVI in Aces High II[edit]

Engine Power[edit]

Aces High II Performance Charts[edit]

In Game Test Data
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Mosquito Mk XVI speed chart Mosquito Mk XVI climb chart



Fighting in the Mosquito Mk XVI[edit]

Keep high and fast as that's the only defence you've got. You only have time to make one or two passes, as you don't want hang around the combat zone very long. Formations are unnecessary unless attacking the strats. If you are attacking small targets such as ordnance or barracks the best altitude to come in at is 12,000ft. This is your fastest WEP speed other than 24,000ft and keeps you bellow the wind. When attacking towns 15,000ft is the best altitude because if you get into trouble you can dive to 12,000ft, gaining alot of speed with WEP. Most fighters will be hard pressed to keep up with you and you should be able to drag him to friendlies or he will give up the chase. Strats or bases behind the front lines should be approached from 28,000ft. At this altitude you are untouchable because by the time someone climbs up to your altitude you will be long gone. If you get into trouble the Mk. XVI is rather manuverable but try to keep you manuvers in the vertical so you don't bleed airspeed. If you are desperate you can dive away, as it doesn't start to compress until above 500mph and starts to shed parts with violent manuvers at around 480mph. On the deck you are still quite fast, matching or out preforming even some of the best late war fighters.

Fighting against the Mosquito Mk XVI[edit]

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  • "So, you want to fly the wooden wonder" - the almost incomplete and not entirely inaccurate guide to the AH Mosquito (AH Forum)