Operation Blue Lighting

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113th Lucky Strikes


Late War Arena

Operation Blue Lightening

Mission Briefing

Target: Airfield

Strike Package: P38L Internal fuel 75%
Ordinance: 10 Rockets, 2 1000 lb. bombs

Primary Targets: Air Field Fighter and Vehicle Hanger.
Secondary Targets: AMMO Bunker , Radar, Troops

Attack in paired elements. Initial strikes will be made from Rally Point Able, attack run will be North West to South East. As soon as you hit your assigned Target clear the kill zone. Return to the Rally Point Able, wing up and re-attack target if necessary other wise provide CAP.

  • Primary targets destroyed yes/no
  • Secondary targets destroyed yes/no
  • Ordnance Available yes/no

If the answer to the Ordnance question is no

  • Wing up and RTB otherwise
  • Continue to attack Primary and Secondary targets until no Ordnance available

113th Lucky Strikes
Operations Officer