Operation Lightning Rod

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113th Lucky Strikes
Combat Air Patrol

Operational Orders: “Lightning Rod”

Strike element will consist of Two Plane Elements.
Elements will consist of P38J’s Outfitted with 50% fuel two Drop Tanks

Plan Execution:

Enroute phase:

Elements will patrol designated Sectors. To the extent possible all elements should provide mutual supporting attacks in an effort to provide cover and divert enemy aircraft.
Primary target(s) Enemy Aircraft, Fieldbr> Secondary target(s) None

All elements are to destroy primary targets before engaging secondary targets

Primary Strike:
All elements destroy all targets assigned your Sector.

Extraction will be determined by one of these scenarios:
1. Availability of Wingnam(s) Yes/ No
2. Availability of munitions Yes/No
3. Availability of fuel Yes/No

If the answer to any scenario one is NO, RTB.

113th Lucky Strikes Operations Officer