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  • Aces High Extreme Air Racing Leage (AHXARL/AHEARL) supports races that run once a week, with a different course and different aircraft each week. There are typically about 30 pilots competing, and the courses are much more exciting than could be implemented in real life, with portions of the courses going under bridges and through hangers. Do you like to race your car, your boat . . . your office chair at work? Did you like to race other kids on your bike? If so, this is the sport for you. You start her up when you hear "Gentlemen, start your engines!" Then, when the starting cannon goes off, you firewall it, and you're off -- wingtip to wingtip and nose to tail with dozens of other racers, all looking for that fastest line. It's a rush!

League Overview[edit]

68KO Cup[edit]



  • When

Racing takes place every Tuesday Night at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific, in the Special Events Arena (SEA). The event is open to everyone that with a paid subscription the Aces High II. No Pre-registration is required. Just Show and Go!

  • Race Tracks

Track for each upcoming race is usually, but not always, announced on Sunday prior to the race in both the AH racing forum and on

  • Anatomy
    • Championship Race (68KO Cup)
    Takes places at the end of each set of 4 Seasons
    Race is an Invite only race, comprised of Racers from the previous 4 season's Top 3 Season Point Winners, Top 3 Season finale winners, and possible CM choice selections.
    • Season Finale
    Held at the end of each season.
    This race is an Invite only race, comprised of racers that have placed in the top 10 in overall points, Top Rookie for that season, a team selection from the top 3 points earning teams for the season, and a CM choice. Field size for that race is usually 15 racers
    • Length of a Season
    A season is comprised of 12 weekly races, which are open to all to attend. During the course of a season, each racer recieves points based on their overall placing during the event.
    • Definition of a race
    A race is comprised of 3 heats. Race points are determined by an average of each racers performance for the 3 heats
    • Definition of a Heat
    A heat is an individual race that is comprised of 2 or more laps

Points System[edit]

  • Race points are awarded on a pre-set scale.

All Racers are Awarded 1 point just for attending a minimum of 1 heat each week Each racer that finishes at least one of 3 heats will receive an additional point.

Points awarded for place finishes are as such, and and overall placing is determined by your average heat points. 18 points 1st place 17 for 2nd this continues by one until 1 of 2 things happen

  • A. there are less than 18 finishers for the race
  • B. there are more than 18 finishers for the race.

In the case of "A", for example, if there are only 5 finishers between all 3 heats, points would go from 18 to 14.

In the case of "B", for example, if there were 22 finishers, positions 18-22 would receive 1 pt each, or in other words, finishing points.

If at any point 2 racers tie in their heat points, both racers receive the same amount of points. For example, if both racers tie for 4th place overall, each racer will receive points for 5th place.

The maximum points a racer can receive for any single race is 20. 1 for attending, 1 for finishing, and 18 for a win.

  • Heat Points are awarded based on the maximum number of heat finishers for any given heat. For example, heat 1=20 finishers, heat 2=15, and heat 3=12, The point scale used for that race would be 20 points. So for each individual heat, the winner would receive 20 pts, 2nd 19, etc. The combined total of the 3 heats is then divided by 3 to determine the race overall winner.

CM Team[edit]

  • TracerX, Racing League Lead CM
  • HB555
  • Golfer
  • RDRTrash
  • 4440

Enduro Series[edit]

Hall of Fame[edit]

68KO Cup Winners[edit]

Year 1[edit]


Champion: OOZ662

Runner Up: Kevor34

Honorable Mention: RDRTrash

Year 2[edit]


Champion: bmathis

Runner Up: PH

Honorable Mention: OOZ662

Year 3[edit]

Season Points Champions[edit]

Season 1 BuLLZ 68, Beans 34, BTFlaps 33

Season 2 Smky31st 152, GullGutz 142, MadMat 137

Season 3 FBOwlman 168, ADog31st 155, RDRTrash 145

Season 4 OOZ662 205, Kevor34 204, Gat76 182

Season 5 Iceman24 204, Kevor34 204, OOZ662 177

Season 6 Surf35 208, Turbo10 202, Kevor34 194

Season 7 OOZ662 206, allied 192, Dayz/icema 187

Season 8 bmathis 207, allied 192, PH 162

Season 9 bmathis 207, parvo 167, WarLocKL 164

Season 10 bmathis 228*, strafing 185, BearKats 182

Season 11 BearKats 225, bmathis 202, ripp01 182

Season 12

  • * denotes all time single season points totals

Season Finale Champions[edit]

Team Champions[edit]



Points Champions-- B~Smooth Xtreme Racing Team Members-- bmathis, KILLBOXX, Sloehand, hp38100, BearKats


Finale Champions-- Screaming Demons Racing Team Members-- 4440, strafing, redleg11, A8hunter, twistd35


Points Champions-- B~Smooth Xtreme Racing Team Members-- bmathis, 5PointOh, Sloehand, hp38100, BearKats

Finale Champions-- B~Smooth Xtreme Racing Team Members-- bmathis, 5PointOh, Sloehand, hp38100, BearKats