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Hello Aces high Community! Righteous Vengeance is currently recruiting and training. RV offers 1 on 1 personal training with experianced pilots that have been flying simulations for 8+ years. RV is a highly tactical squadron. we have our own COC or code of Conduct, a list of artictes of rules, guidelines, consequences and conditions that all members of RV must apply to. We DO believe in a rank system and it has been proven to be successful for a full year and a couple of months.Our Ranks run from Basic Airman to First Lieutenant (e.1-e.11)then we have our officer ranks that are Captains (5 max) and Majors (2 max). along we our Ranks we DO have Awards, Medals, Wings and Ribbons including the Medal of Honor.

We run missions, bombing runs, GV raids unlike any other squad. We think that the more tactical the game, the more fun and relistic it becomes. Being Tactical is not only a blast to play and act out, it has shown to be reliable as well. Most of our Squad fighter sweeps we have a average of 4-1 kill ratio. of course you cant look at me for that matter cause i get shot down alot.

Although we are a very tactical squad, we are also laid-back aswell. we arent tactical all the time, we mainly fly tac on squad nights or recruiting campaigns. We have 2 wings and a a total of 40+ active members. We on average have about 5-10 members on for squad nights and our goal is 15+. that is why we need YOU to join now!

We Dont have a Age limit but there are some articles that do apply to age. We NOT have our own Squadron Planes but we do pefer American Planes for Missions. We dont just limit our planes but we take the multirole planes so that if our mission changes, we change also.

We are a Rook Squadron and we DO switch countrys but we are usually winging with another squad or recruiting. Our VOX is 172 and our Squad Night are Wednesdays 7:00 pm Central time (practise night) and Saturdays 7:00 pm Central time (Kick @$$ night). Our Commanding Officer is Callsign-Zip5389 and our Executive Officer is Callsign-Caliber. If you dont see Cali or Zip, me (ShrkBite), Skyryder,or AZCSJake are all recruiting officers and we'll send you the invite. We do need some required information before you join such as age,state (or country) past Squadrons, how much experiance have ya been flying in the game, how active are you in the game, etc.

We have been running the Squadron by these Rules,Ranks and Awards for a more than a year now and we are looking for more pilots to complete our goal of 5 RV Wings. A Tactical Wing, Fighter Wing, Bomber Wing, GV Wing and Jabo Wing. We have a Website that is updated every month. We urge you to check out the COC and Ranks and please post up on the forums under "Aces High". our Website is www.righteousvengeance.com. We Do have videos on youtube aswell just put in Righteous Vengeance and our videos should pop up. Tahnks you for reading and we hope to see you in the skys of Aces High! <Salute>!

ShrkBite of Tactical Wing Righteous Vengeance