Roads, Trains and Barges

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What are they used for?[edit]

Roads, trains and barges are the supply lines that rebuild destroyed objects in the game.

Typically roads and barges are used to supply bases. Trains are used to supply strategic(strat) objects in the game.

Placing Roads on the terrain[edit]

The Easy Way[edit]

The absolute easiest way to create all of the roads for your terrain is to let the Terrain Editor do it for you.

Begin by clicking the Roads tab in the Editing Options Area to activate the Road tools and put the Terrain Editor in road editing mode.

Click on the Create All Button in the Roads Tab to create all of the roads that are needed for your terrain.

Save your terrain, exit and restart the Terrain Editor.

Click the Roads tab in the Editing Options Area to activate the Road tools and put the Terrain Editor in road editing mode.

Now check the Show All Roads box in the Roads Tab. All of the roads that were created will now show in the main editing window.

An example of a road as shown in the main editing window:

Initial Road Path

The + end of the path is the starting point. The end with the arrow is the end point(usually a base or strat object).

While this is the easiest way to create roads, you are not finished yet.

Check the Path & Length of the Roads[edit]

Check every road to make sure that it does not cross water. If it does, adjust the road path by left clicking on either end of the path and dragging it to a different position and making it shorter. Then click insert, add or delete point buttons as needed to to correct and finish the path of the road.

A couple of things to keep in mind while adjusting the path and length of the road:

  • Roads for convoys and train tracks should be 10 miles long.
  • Rivers for barges should be 3 miles long.
  • Barges should be used on a limited basis and only where required.

You can count the grids to establish the length of the road, or click Set Properties and the length is shown at the top of the road properties box.

Change the Road Type[edit]

To change the road type, click on the road in the main editing window and the click the Set Properties Button in the Roads Tab.

Setting Road Properties
Road Properties Box Length: Informational only. Can not be changed.

Track Type: River, Road or Train Track

Track Name: Can be changed to anything you want.

Resource Type: Should be "All Field Objects" for all strat objects and fields.

Visual Only: Normally Unchecked. Sets road to a visual/non-supplying mode.

Field: The field the road supplies.

Radius: Sets supplies to supply an area for strat objects. Should be set to 1 mile.

NOTE: Barges travelling on water must have their road type set to River.

The Hard Way[edit]

The hard way is to go to each base and manually lay all of the roads by using the Add Road, Add Point, Insert Point and Delete Point buttons.

The All Important Redo Objects Button[edit]

Once you've placed all of the roads on your terrain and have changed them to the types you want you MUST click the Redo Objects button on the Roads Tab.

What this does is it changes the type of vehicle that travels the roads, tracks, etc to the type that belongs there. If you do not click this button you will have a convoy of trucks travelling on water and train tracks.