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About S.A.P.P.[edit]

S.A.P.P. is an organization of dedicated P-38 Lightning junkies from Aces High to discuss and share a wealth of information about the Lightning. This can include flying tips for Aces High or sharing the history of the P-38 and the pilots who flew it in WWII. SAPP welcomes any pilot with a sincere interest in the P-38 regardless of Country, Squad or Arena affiliations. It is not just a hang out for the old time players, but also for newer players interested in learning about flying the P-38 in Aces High.


The S.A.P.P. began as a joke in response to discussions on the Aces High bbs. The name was inspired by comments of some overly serious folks on the Aces High bbs who believed that some of the dedicated P-38 drivers have some sort of influence on HTC and crew. After personally being accused of ruining the game, Guppy35 decided it only seems right to play along by creating an openly “Secret” Association of P-38 Pilots to promote the idea of P-38 enthusiast taking over the game. SAPP seemed an appropriate way for it's members to thumb their collective noses at those who think anything in Aces High is serious.


On occasion the S.A.P.P. may have an informal get together in the Arenas for some semi-organized P-38 flights. They also keep an eye out for, and recruit among it's members for special events that include the P-38. S.A.P.P. have members who create and contribute historical P-38 skins for the game. Most activity takes place on the S.A.P.P. private forum on the Aces High bbs where on topic historical and game subjects are shared and discussed.


Anyone interested in joining the S.A.P.P. can hit up an active member on the Aces High bbs, who may indicate their affiliation in their profile picture or signature. You may also find active members in your country on vox channel 138 in the game.