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Snapshots are designed from small, medium and large historical military conflicts that took place during World War II. Each event takes place in the Pacific Theater, Eastern European Theater, Mediterranean Theater or the Western European Theater. At this time several Aces High members have re-created over 70 individual events with more coming all the time!

All events are considered “walk on” and all players are encouraged to attend. There is no pre-registration or squad registration necessary. Just show up, strap in and fly to glory! Snapshots are an excellent opportunity for all players to participate in a fast paced organized event within Aces High. At the end of each event Logs are posted to allow each participant to see his or her score. The Host Campaign Manager for the evening will be on hand to ensure each participant has a fun evening. All Snapshots are set-up in “frames” with each one lasting approximately 1 hour. Time permitting the hosting CM will run a 2nd “frame” that would allow attending players to switch sides or planes and live the virtual life of their previous opponent. Each frame is usually a single life event meaning you have one chance to make a difference for that frame.

The Special Events Arena will be set as close to historical conditions as possible. Reduced visibility, winds aloft, night time flying and no radar are common environments in a Snapshot.

Each Snapshot Event is different from the week’s prior event and runs the entire spectrum of historical plane set match up’s that are allowed in Aces High. One week a pilot might be flying a P-47D-25 as part of Hub Zemke’s 56th Fighter Group on a low level strafing run in WWII France and the next week the same pilot could be part of the IJN doing their best to destroy Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands.

Snapshots are held every Wednesday Evening at 2200 hours (10PM EST) in the Special Events Arena. The current weeks Snapshot is listed on the Aces High calendar. Players entering the arena will be asked to read the MOTD, pick a side and move to the correct airfield. Once each side is ready, player percentages for each side are correct and flight is enabled, Each pilot will attempt to complete the mission that has been described in the Snapshot design and/or MOTD (Message of the Day). It is advisable to arrive 20-30 minutes early to secure your ride preference and especially if you want the chance to lead your side to victory as a Commanding Officer for the evening.