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Vehicle & Boat Spawn Points[edit]

Click the Objects tab in the Editing Options Area to activate the Objects tool and put the Terrain Editor in object editing mode. When in object editing mode, clicking on the main editing window will produce a red “+” on the terrain which marks a spot for an object or object group to be placed.

Activate the grid in the Terrain Window Options area. This makes it easier to know where you are placing your spawn point.

Select entpnt from the list of available shapes and click Add Shape/Group in the Objects tab. After you do this, the Object Properties Box will appear.

Setting Spawn Point Properties
Properties Box Position: For spawn points, this is informational only. Do not change.

Object Name: Do not change

Object Type: From the dropdown list select Veh Ent for a gv spawn point or Boat Entry for boat a spawn point.

Ownership: Field Owned checked

Field: Change to the field number this spawn point belongs to.

Zone: Change to the correct zone if needed.

Can Collide: Do not Check

Set to Terrain Alt: Checked

Is Zone Master: Should be grayed out and unselectable.

ID: Do not change.

Group ID: Do not change

Object Data: 0

Down Time: Do not change

Point Value: Do not change

Hardness: Do not change

After setting all of the properties click OK. After you do this, the spawn point will be placed on your terrain and you will notice the object name has changed to something like F01VHE000. This is normal. What it is now saying is that the spawn point belongs to field F01 (field 1) is now a VHE (vehicle entry point) with the id of 0 (000).

You will now see this at the point where the entry point was placed. (you may need to zoon in using the alt slider in the editor options area)

Initial Entry Point

There are some differences between a Vehicle Spawn and a Boat Spawn:

  1. The color(boat spawns are purple)
  2. The Object Type (Boat Entry vs Veh Ent)
  3. In the case of air fields and vehicle bases, the first boat spawn point you set is automatically for the Hangar spawn point in the game regardless of direction. All other spawn points follow the rotation format below.
  4. In the case of a port, the hangar spawn point for boats in the game is pre-set to the pier at the port. All other boat spawn points follow the rotation format below.

Rotating a Spawn Point[edit]

You may rotate a spawn point in any direction. To rotate a spawn point tick Rotate in the Objects tab and select the object in the selection list on the same tab. Then in the main editing window hold the left button down on your mouse and rotate the spawn point to the desired position. Release the mouse button and the rotation is complete.

If there are no objects shown in the selection list of the Objects tab, find the general area of the object then left click on the main editing window, drag a window around it and release the button. All objects in that area will appear in the selection list.

Effects of Rotation in the Game[edit]

Rotating a spawn point has two effects in the game.

  1. It sets the direction that the vehicle guns will be pointing when they spawn.
  2. More importantly it sets the spawn direction from a base.

For instance, a spawn rotated northwest: Rotated Entry Point

Produces this on the clipboard map in the game:Effect of Rotated Entry Point

If you improperly rotate a spawn point, the end result in the game would be something like this:

Improperly Rotated Entry Point

As you can see the improper rotation of a spawn point could be very confusing in the game. Use caution and common sense when setting spawn point rotations.

Fighter & Bomber Spawn Points[edit]

Under normal circumstances you should never have to place Fighter or Bomber spawn points on your terrain because they are built into the air field objects.

However if for some reason you need to add Fighter or Bomber spawn points, the procedure is the same as for Vehicle and Boat points. The only change would be the Object Types:

  • Ftr Entry for Fighters
  • Bomb Ent for Bombers.

The rotation rules apply to Fighter and Bomber spawn points just as they do for Vehicle and Boat spawn points.