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-(Steel Rain)<[[[]

The Arado Ar 234B is an excellent aircraft and the best solution to pin-point bombing situations where you need to get in FAST, hit your designated targets and quickly withdraw. As a hit-and-run aircraft the Arado Ar 234B has proved to be mostly unstoppable.

Welcome to the wiki page of the Steel Rain Squadron!

This Squad is the first of it's kind! An unusual specialty squad, with a good foundation and good grounded members. -(Steel Rain)<[[[] is growing and has become difficult to deny it's impact in the game. Ranked #1 Squad in LW105 for bomber and damage point scores!

For more information or to contact us please visit our homepage located at for more information.

  • -(Steel Rain)<[[[] Is a laid back, relaxed and easy going squad. There isn't any "cracking the whip" here! With that philosophy, Steel Rain is growing a large close knit "core" of Bomber Pilots. There are other squads that require members to follow orders, or get ejected from their squad! Go figure. Steel Rain is strictly a voluntary force of Bomber Pilots
  • -(Steel Rain)<[[[] Is an Arado 234B Jet Bomber Squad. Still though, on single Pilot bomb runs, Pilots fly what they are comfortable with or wish to learn. Our Pilots join in on Squad Bomb Runs because they are choosing to join some of the most exciting and effective sorties. In addition, during my several years on the game, I have accumulated thousands of hours in the Arado 234B to pass on and train members. Also, members learn to fly the Arado 234B, not only to put together large formations hitting the skies like wolf-packs, but to bring more fun and excitement into the game.
  • -(Steel Rain)<[[[] IS EFFECTIVE. Even one veteran Squad Member can cause enemy headaches on a regular basis. When several members work together, enemy fields fall more readily. We pounce on enemy fields that launch attacks on Rook controlled fields, so Rook counter-attacks may begin. On a regular basis we neutralize enemy fields so Rooks can go in safely and with confidence to make that key capture.

So, What Are You Waitiin For? JOIN THE SQUAD & JOIN US! All members receive comprehensive Ar 234B training and the knowledge to aquire as many bomber perks as needed to fly the fastest Bomber of WWII whenever you wish.

Good Luck and Good Hunting! ....Glasher
Founder and CO of -(Steel Rain)>[[[] September 16, 2006