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Aces High II aircraft


Variant of {{{variantof}}}
Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Country of origin {{{country}}}
Manufacturer {{{manufacturer}}}
Crew {{{crew}}}
Dimensions Wing span {{{wingspan}}}
Length {{{length}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Internal fuel {{{internalfuel}}}
Index {{{index}}}
Aces High II loadout options
Package 1 {{{loadout1-1}}}
Package 2 {{{loadout2-1}}}
Package 3 {{{loadout3-1}}}
Package 4 {{{loadout4-1}}}
Package 5 {{{loadout5-1}}}
Options {{{options1}}}
Aces High II Main Arenas
Earliest MA Late War
Typical perk cost {{{perkcost}}} (Late War)
ENY value {{{LWENY}}} (Late War)
Available on carrier {{{carrier}}}
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